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New 2018 antivirus software free download from google play store


Avast Antivirus 2018 (Beta)

Make sure against infections and different types of malware with Andes Mobile Mobile Security, the world’s most reliable free antivirus application for Android.

When you introduce spyware and adware applications, you are harmed by security. Save your gadgets against frustrating frames from email, telephone calls, cool sites or SMS messages.

More than 100 million is introduced, mobile security and anti-virus are more than just antivirus. This lightweight application is part of the part of the pressure alternative alternative:

✔ Antivirus Engine

✔ AppLock

✔ call blocker

✔ anti-theft

✔ Photo Volt

✔ Save Power

✔ Privacy Permission

✔ Firefox (as it installs for Android)

✔ charging screen

✔ Ram Boost

✔ Junk Cleaner

✔ Web Shield

✔ WiFi Scanner

✔ WiFi Speed ​​Test

In addition, to highlight and enhance the face of your Android, all the wonderful lights are highlighted

What is new

Photo Vault enables you to access your photos with pin code. After moving photos in Walt, they are drilling and covered.

Power savings reduces your gadget’s battery settings by changing settings, for example, WiFi, Sync, Bluetooth and screen settings that reduce your battery maximum.

We are currently promoting premiums:

Furious encounter: Keep your gadget changed automatically, Put Bolt, and Hoodle’s photos and sound accounts in mind.

App: Protect and protect delicate substance by locking any application with a PIN or touching the signal. Save your most used applications and make sure no one can find them – not your teenager or even connected.

End Promotions: Closure to your advertising antivirus encounter.

Avast Direct Support: Avast directly to the application to get a quick response to your request from Avast.

Avast Mobile Security and Anti-Visitor Detail

Antivirus Engine: Virus and Malware Scanners are the first to be used as a result of disturbing / dangerous applications and transactions. Web and record checking is included for full portable security, and also ensures against spyware and infection.

Clear Clear: Extreme information, framework stores, display thumbnails, staying records, and restart the rest of the documents instantly.

Call Blocker: Keep your Security. Put the telephone number in your buttons and pieces the guests you do not need to reach.

Web Shield: Scans and Squares Malware-cool connection, and additional transactions, adware and spyware (for security and secure web troubleshooting, for instance Chrome) and in addition to the wrong URL URL.

WiFi Security: Check out every system’s security and email, log in and make your installations anywhere.

Free Download :

If you want download this software then click here: Download & install.

Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus

The best equipped equipment with clean master, space cleaner and antivirus, it helps prevent your infections and infections. The clean master has personally added a personalized photo light, which causes you to effectively remove and protect your photos and keep your safety safe.

Clear Master Key Functions:

J Junk Cleaner (Junk Files)

Clean master trash, length and store scraps free your ability to turn off your telephone space.

With our specialist cleaner, you can make it more space than collectively collect non-social applications, for example, store information from Facebook, Messenger, VoiceSp, Instagram without eliminating false records. Are there

free institute

All applications for infection (previously introduced or not), eliminates infections, infections to prevent fragments and infections, and make sure you secure the security with the master’s free antivirus motor cleaner. Keeps # 1 by AV-TEST!

Personal picture – your photo walt

The private image protects you from your photos. With a private picture, you can remove images you do not need others to see and protect your security.

WiFi security

Clean Master featured WiFi security for identifying fake WiFi and unauthorized associations. Protect your telephone with WiFi openly.

Bostest Mobile

Helping to speed up a telephone by remoteating the Tip Bootstost. To increase your portable, you can run a fast test how fast it is.

B battery batteries

The clean master is about battery control and broadens battery life by stopping running applications.


With the game Master, you can cope with your entertainment, speed up the speed of entertainment and even find more fun variations.

Lighting on other improvements

Chest Master prevents frauds, shows charging status and request message when charging.

  • App protects your application with the app’s PIN protected.
  •  iSWIPE- Quick access to various applications and devices.
  •  app manager – backup and install applications.

Clean Master, World Driving Cleaner and Antivirus application on Google Play.

Clearly the master became more spectacular and helpful to include some effective shows. These exhibitions will require additional telephone consent.

The rest assured that any of your guaranteed data will not be stored according to the privacy policy.

  1. New coverage includes clean, clean coverage messages and sky is limited (SMS, contacts, call logs, calendar and location requirement)

  2. A new approach to connecting your telephone to a bolt screen (requires microphone consent)

  3. Maximum customization settings to improve your telephone

Now some customers have opened new exhibitions, welcome to cooperate with us to try it ahead.

Free Download :

If you want download this software then click here: Download & install.

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