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New 2018 most popular video calling software’s


1- WeChat

WeChat is an information and calling application that makes you unique and unique interface with foreigners along with families and affiliates. This is across the application of content for board (SMS / MMS), voice and video calls, moments, photo sharing, and diverse applications.

Why Use:

• Multimedia Messages: Send video, photo, content, and voice messages.

• Group chat and calls: Make a guest trip with over 500 people and submit a video call up to 9 people.

Free Voice and Video Calls:

  • High-quality free calls anywhere on the planet.

• Hack calls: Landlines and versatile calls around the globe at low rates (in specific areas as were).

Sticker Gallery: Some of your favorite baby’s show and motion pictures, to express your emotions, free, fun, unexpected stickers.

• Mother: Share on your own photography at your own moment.

• High privacy: We provide you with the largest amount of security on your security. This is important information request to confirm by TRUSTe.

• Meet new friends: Use companionship radar close people and shake to meet others.

REAL TIME LOCATION: Instead of telling others where you are continuous use of constant area sharing.

LANGUAGE LANGUAGE: 20 different bids can interpret messages in local and in any language.

• More: desktop application, custom background custom alert and government accounts.

Download software:

If you want to download this software then click here: Download & install.

2- imo free video calls and chat

Messages and videos do not say anything to their loved ones, regardless of whether they are gadgets!

  • End and encoded the best video and sound point of view Android and iPhone.
  • Free and explicit messages and videos and sound brings more than 2G, 3G, 4G * or WiFi.
  • Group video calls with colleagues, families and others.
  • Fast photo and video sharing.
  • Hundreds of free stickers.
  • Avoid SMS and Telephone Call Charges.

Download software:

If you want to download this software then click here: Download & install.

3- Skype – free IM & video calls


Skype you know and have a new new plan in love, which is a great way to show you new and exhaustive approaches to stay connected with the general population.

What will I do with skype?

• Messaging made amazing: more than just content. Send photos videos, audio messages, emails, waves and this is just the ice tip. You can also respond to any message with your contacts with the response.

• Transfer your visits with an additional organization to convert conversions between the most and backward applications. Share content using Entry without leaving skype.

• Great for meetings: Add and view your most loved ones. Use collective ingredients to assemble or simultaneously design together to hang out.

• Call everyone – Skype, mobile and land lines: Free video and voice calls make it easy for your loved ones to stay connected. You will also be able to appreciate the lower calling rate in excess of mobile and land lines with Skype.

• Never miss the moment from a moment. Quickly swipe to catch pictures and videos. Make them your property by adding emails stickers, and descriptions to them.

• Shared exhibitions: Keep others updated with your day. Reply to any features with amazing emojis or send a private message about this feature. Your features will only be incredible for your supporters for 7 days.

Skype is free to call Skype. Administrator information can apply to charge. We use an unlimited information design or Wi-Fi association.

Extra access will spring out of the country

We slowly bring everyone up and down the Skype. From the occasion that you do not even see the refrigerator, do not worry, it’s coming soon.

The new Skype can move through more discussion about substance substances. To prevent images or videos that were already sent or more Skype’s experience was found in different types, before leaving the new Skype you left the camera / animation displayed to your camera.

Download software:

If you want to download this software then click here: Download & install.

4- Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

Distributing each other together with the general population in your life. The messenger is free, quick and safe.

Reach someone You can use the name or telephone number to find a companion. Use everywhere. Raul has worked on all portable and work gadgets. You can also interfere with people globally.

Contact as much as you need. Send text message, share a photo or start a video chat – all in the messenger. Talk better with Friday. Apply for a lost time with an amazing collective video chat, or adapt to your information, articles, photos, and conjunction.

  • Call your colleagues 1: 1 or collectively and call. This free finish is WiFi (usually apply for standard information charges), so talk to people in different countries as long as you need.
  • Introduce yourself. Send emotions, stickers, and GIFs for chat or add new screens and effects to your video chat.
  • Take pictures and videos with fun and effects. You can transfer them to a camera, send a conversation, or post them in your day, where people can understand what you are doing.
  • Compare various games and compete with your friends. You can think of scores and understand how you rank against others.
  • Chat with outfits. You can save one place, be aware of requests, and continuously get the benefit of the client.

Download software:

If you want to download this software then click here: Download & install.

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