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The best mobile apps for students to make life easier


How can the use of different mobile apps influence everyday life of an ordinary student? Learn this information in the article and use the most useful mobile apps for iOS and Android to make your study easier every day.

Modern Apps to Ease Student Life

Each person has a smartphone today; therefore, a great number of people are accustomed to using different mobile apps every day, and students are no exception. However, an enormous number of different apps on the market includes some programs considered favorite among students. It not surprising since young people can easily find different ways to use new programs. Therefore, many developers create mobile apps, especially for students.   

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What Apps Can Help Students?

Student life is very stressful today because of complex curricula and the necessity to earn some money for a living during student years. Therefore, while some students try to find custom papers for cheap, others prefer to make their lives more substantial with the help of alternative approaches. In this case, it is very difficult to plan everything without small everyday helpers. Here is the list of various apps that can be useful for students:

  • Revision apps

Revision is an integral part of work on any written assignment. However, many students prefer to neglect it due to the constant lack of time. So, it is not unusual for them to have lower grades. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid such situations with such apps as Grammarly that can be used through a browser or within a text processor like Microsoft Word. In addition, it is possible to find such mobile revision apps as go Conquer which help to create mind maps, revision charts, and notes important for work on a certain project.

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  • Bibliographic apps    

Although it may seem unusual, such apps really exist. Maybe it is so because programmers also were students, and they know how difficult it is to work with a great number of resources. Hence, such apps as Easy Bib can make work with literature a little bit easier. Each student knows that academic papers always need lists of references, and sometimes it can be difficult to remember where you have found this or that piece of information.

Easy Bib may help you to find references by using a scan of the book’s bar code. In addition, it gives references in different formatting styles – MLA, APA or Chicago style – depending on the place where you study.

Sound recording apps

Students must write a lot at the lectures, and sometimes constant writing can bore to death. In this case, one can use special sound recording apps. Although it is possible to use the ordinary function of sound recording which is embedded in each smartphone special apps are much better for this purpose. For example Sound Note for iOS is very popular among students because this app can convert sounds into a text very quickly and almost without mistakes, saving this information in both formats – visual and Audi.

Hence it is very comfortable for everyday use. Office Lens for Android is another good app for smartphones with the help of which you can photograph a whiteboard in your class and convert information from such a picture to PDF, Word or PowerPoint formats. With such a helper, student life should become a little bit easier.

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All in all we cannot enumerate all classes of apps used by students and created especially for them. However, even all above-mentioned programs for Android and iOS can relieve a situation when a student needs to adapt information into a proper form quickly.

Time Management Apps for Students

Time management is the science that each student should learn and practice in his/her life if he or she wants to have enough time for study, job and relaxation. Different systems of time management were adopted in some apps for mobile phones:

1. Trello

It is a nice planner used by many students. Trello has a great number of functions and one them is to-do list creation. This to-do list will be saved in the form of a special card, and it will be very difficult to forget some points from it. Moreover, students evaluated this app very highly due to the opportunity to share access to particular cards with other people. Therefore, this app is very comfortable for students who want to share academic tasks and create them together.

2. Pomodairo

Pomodairo is another mobile app popular among students. It is based on a well-known time management system which is called Pomodoro. According to this technique, it is necessary to divide the working time devoted to one and the same task to equal periods of time. Each of them is about 25 minutes.

During this period, a person should work on a task without any stops. Then, it is necessary to take a short break for 3-4 minutes. After four such intervals it is necessary to make a big break for 15-30 minutes. This technique is considered very effective, especially when it is necessary to work on some big academic assignments, for example a term paper. This app has a special timer that will help a person to follow such a work plan

3. My Homework Student Planner

This app is a good planner for students in the form of a calendar. With the help of this app, one can find time for different academic assignments easily and quickly. Therefore, if your deadlines grow closer, you may always find time and motivation to get more things done with the help of this simple app.

You can find more information about different apps useful for students in the Internet. However, it is always necessary to remember that only practice and motivation may work wonders, and all apps are just comfortable tools to increase everyday productivity of a particular person.

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