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New 2018 game Dragon Sim Online: Be A Dragon download form google play


With effective dragons in Adventure and Dragon Sim online fantasy RPG has become the ultimate magic creature that puts you in a drag-in-wings!

Grow a family, pursue a little dragon, and follow your stomach. Your own specific children are durable and customable, so your blood will always be there! Join online players at the level of investigation, war and level level in a massive finance world! Find all 4 components of the dragon to rule and master!

Do you have to be a sign of a dragon? Join the war in this epic adventure that came to fantastic 3D. At this time you can not become the ultimate dragon in a simulator – exactly the Dragon Sim Online!

Dragons SIM Features:

  • Online multimedia.
  • Combined with adventure, fight and investigation with dragons around the world.
  • Meet your colleagues online to investigate the huge finance world.
  • Multiplayer duels where you can show your quality as the ultimate dragons.

Simulation game 

  • Simulator with internal and outside customization: Feel that it’s really like a dragon.
  • Adventure in the finish of an fantasy simulation with different bions.
  • Simulator challenge you to maintain health and biology by eating and drinking.
  • Use the magic element of the dragon to strike the fear in your enemies.

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A family advice

  • Grow the entire family of dragons, or dragons.
  • Protect your dragons from the wild and prepare them in revelation warriors.
  • Each small dragon has a radical new role as you can change.

Dragons optimization

  • Name, sex, shading, and even body parts can change the dragon.
  • One of the dragon ingredients can be: fire, snow, air and earth.

Cool RPG game 

  • At the level of fighting battles to strengthen your dragon.
  • Dragon figures include power, speed and health, each of which can be upgraded.
  • Fight with new dangerous supervisors.

Total savings

  • Save on your cloud to backup your characters when you register with an account.
  • Never lose your profession or leave the rescue.
  • Continuous gameplay experience in all your gadgets.

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Hobby in a fantastic 3D world

  • In this world, survival capabilities are important in the world.
  • Find 4 Islands, each with your environment.
  • Enemies, partners and many stealthy islands wait for you in a dangerous world.

3D World Map

  • Our fantasy simulation is very big on the point that it calls a radical new kind of 3D map. Zoom inside and outside, you want to rotate and route, and even compass.
  • Easily mark the marker to navigate the world.

Smooth symmetrical system

  • Real-season simulation, featuring a detailed level of depth, deep-range of rain and storm

Day / night direction

Dragons Sim Online is a real-time cycle of day and night on the frame of time based on a 24-hour frame. For the game that is playing regularly on a regular break, the game passes the full day and night cycle of 24 hours.

  • Dragon Fox and Stability.
  • Disable achievements by following multiple opponents.
  • Explore the amazing facts about the dragon.

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  • Clan Wars and other online games Farm Clan and battle various players.

Run with friends

  • Play with colleagues and discover that when they are online, you can go with them


  • The leaderboard focuses on Clan War, demonstrating the best players from the level and the doubles.
  • Google Play Services: See Online Leaders and Different Achievements.

The lowest requirements:

  • 1GB RAM or more

Download Game:

If you want to download this game then click here to download and install game free: Download & install game.

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