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Switch call to anyone in the world Trough new 2018 video calling and Broadcasting software’s



BIGO LIVE – Live Stream

BIGO LIVE is a stand among the most popular live video illegal community of non-popular communities.

Live video is constantly running on continuous communication, BIGO enables you to monitor live recording, visit your video with your own life, your friends and make new companions internationally.

Currently, BEGO has gained 200 million customers worldwide.

Do not try to catch – join us, talk to your life, take fans and make new friends.

Specialty :

Keep your moments

Singing, Walking, Eating, Travel … Just 1 Contact to Live! Live Live is your best minute conversation.

Watch live live streams

Find amazing scenes through large number of large recordings or search for the area or interaction by the theme.

Multi-visitor Live

Join a multi-visitor place to talk with your colleagues for a total video chat or sound. Here you can play a fun or entertaining game. More people, more fun!

match and line

Welcome to your friends to meet your partner and stay welcome with your friends. You can do the super hobby with POV as well.

close people

Find interesting people around you through live streaming streaming and short recording. Go along and make a new partner.

Game Streaming

Watch different live streaming for your gameplay or for example, PUBG, League of Legends, Minecraft, Grand Stolen Auto, CSGO, DOTA2, FIFA, RoV, rules and this is just the tip of iceberg only.

Virtual gift for cash

Trade your fruits with money. Show your skills, get more faith, get a lot of satisfaction and trade them to help you in your life.

Download App.

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Live Talk Video Calls

Live chat is a free video call that will empower you to make friends from all over the world.

This video is accessible with a live tour. This video calling application will make you both mutual and hidden sexually globally.

No log-in required, you can just start a video tour in a tap! Whenever, meet new friends, present your live minute with live conversations anywhere. An opportunity to know around you and around the world with smooth video supply.

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Please note that the second party may be from the other nation. See legitimate treatment with them.

Unsatisfactory is completely prohibited, your record will be prohibited.

All people are equal. If this is not too much trouble or by any means of evil.

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If you want to download this app then please click here: Download & Install.

Azar Free video calling

Azar enables you to communicate and communicate with people from more than 190 countries.

• Download over 100 million worldwide!

• Over 20 billion matches!

• Feature in Google Play Store in more than 130+ countries!

Discover and Connect

Azar enables you to meet another person instead of every swipe.

You can undoubtedly investigate new society and people from all over the world.Meet new people from all over the world through live video calls (using 3G, 4G, WiFi).

Choose district and sex of your decision and start preparing a new conversation.Facial recognition adds to your visit with stickers and organization effects.

Add new people to your friends’ tour and get started.Send and receive messages / video calls with the current companion.

Do not be afraid of the remote bid! Developing on a tour.Share with people around you and make more associations

Please leave a survey on Google Play Store and Facebook. Your audit will help improve the Azar Administration.

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Creating a high and consolidated group

Awareness focuses on making groups of groups that can safely use anyone. We believe that our customers can meet new and acceptable people with every swipe. If you do not agree to different customers and get the group of people after your local rules to get rid of you.

Protection of personal information

Individually data is kept away safely and is not sold, nor external people are shared.

What can be seen from different customers in addition to the information on your profile directly.

Your item area is not found in any other client or outs.

Please be careful when delivering delicate data, because you are in charge of your data in the next gathering after the interface by the interface.

Download App.

If you want to download this app then please click here: Download & Install.

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