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5 Precautionary Measures to Avoid House Fires


House fires are not uncommon and they are extremely dangerous. The house fires can spread in minutes and cause large-scale destruction. Fire is responsible for a lot of property damage and in the worst case scenario can also lead to loss of precious life.

It is important that the fire hazard is taken seriously and all the essential fire safety precautions are taken to ensure safety. To identify the fire hazards in the house you should get fire safety risk assessment so that you can take effective and proper measures to keep the house and its occupants safe.

Here are some precautions that can reduce the chances of a fire hazard in the house.

Avoid Overloading:

The electrical outlets, wall sockets, and extension cords are an important part of the house. The usage of electricity depends on the efficiency of these items. It is important that these things are used carefully because if the sockets, outlets and extension cords are overloaded they can lead to a house fire. Multiple extension cords should not be stringed together to make sure that you plug the appliances in separate outlets.

Stay Organized:

A cluttered house is not a safe one. The areas where there is a high risk of fire like the kitchen should always be organized because the clutter increases the chances of a fire hazard. The kitchen has items like sponges, paper towels, dish towels and other things that can easily catch fire if put too close to the hot stove. Always stay in the kitchen because unattended cooking is also a cause for house fires. You should be careful with the heaters and fireplaces as well and keep the blankets and clothing piles away from the fire source. The combustible materials should be placed at least three feet away from the fire source.

Take Care of Potential Fire Sources:

There are several items in the house that are responsible for the spark that may lead to a huge fire. If you light up a candle in the house you should never leave it unattended. If the candle falls on something combustible then the whole house can be engulfed in flames in minutes. If there are any kids in the house then you need to keep all the matches out of the kid’s reach.

Safety Equipment:

Every house should have safety equipment available in the house. If there is a fire and you have the safety equipment is readily available then you will be able to extinguish the fire before it can do any serious damage. You should have an adequate amount of fire extinguishers placed strategically across the house. There should be smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors installed on every floor of the house.

Proper Electrical Maintenance:

A lot of electrical fires are caused by faulty appliances or wiring. Regular maintenance of the electrical appliances and system is essential for ensuring electrical safety. You should check the circuit breakers, wiring and electrical outlets for damage so that you can do the necessary repairs.

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