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Why Shouldn’t You Miss A Health Cover By Employer?


To protect themselves and their loved ones against the diseases and accidents, people are buying health insurance plans from different providers. Nowadays, even the employers are providing affordable health care plans to their employees and their dependents to make them feel cared. In this article, you will get an insight into what these insurance plans are and how can they help the policy buyers and their loved ones during their tough time.

Benefits of Employer-Provided Health Coverage

To motivate their employees to be more productive and stay with them longer, employers have been providing them with unique benefits and an employer-sponsored health coverage is one of them only.  Under these plans, employees and their family members are promised to receive the required treatment in time in case they fall ill or meet an accident. Let’s get to know what are the top five benefits of buying an employer health cover plan.

1. Lower Premiums

Health insurance plans offered by the employer are known for their affordability. Insurance companies offer a cheaper insurance plan to kelp employers cover their employees against the serious diseases and injuries.

These plans cover most of the serious illnesses such as Stroke, Cancer, Alzheimer, Diabetes, Tumors, Aids/HIV, Liver Disorder, Chronic Lung Disease as well as Renal Failure and provide required treatment in case they get diagnosed with any of these diseases. Such protection is provided at many affordable rates than individual insurance plans and cheap health insurance quotes can be availed through various insurance portal online.

2. No Medical Exams

Usually, all the potential insurance buyers need to undergo the medical examination to prove their insurability. Depending on their health status, they are provided insurance plans with different premiums. This means if someone is diagnosed with a serious illness, they might be given an expensive plan rather than someone in a sound health condition.

Also, the habits such as smoking and consuming alcohol is seen as a negative thing and such policy buyers are considered more prone to diseases.

Moreover, you aren’t supposed to lie to the insurance providers about the about your smoking and alcohol consuming habits. If it’s found that you had provided wrong information to the provider, they have complete rights to invalidate your plan and you will not receive any benefit even after paying a hefty amount as premiums.

3. Group Cover

These insurance plans are known for providing affordable protection to the whole family of the insured. This means along with you; your spouse and kids will also be covered in the same plan and are eligible to receive proper treatment in case they get injured or just fall ill. Also, there are plans that cover the depending parents and you can include them as well in your existing health cover plan.

4. Bigger Network

Generally, these insurance providers have an association with a large number of health care providers who have their chain of hospitals spread across the country. While some of the providers also provide health treatment across the globe. This means, if you have bought a plan from a provider who has a wide hospital network spread over the country, you can get treated in any of the hospitals or health care centers without any difficulty or discrimination.

All the hospitals will treat you equally and help with the best treatment for you. These types of facilities prove very helpful when you are traveling far from your own state and fall ill or meet an accident, unfortunately. Under those situations, your insurance plan helps you greatly to receive the required treatment in time and recover as soon as possible.

5. Cashless Service

Another big advantage of a health insurance provider is the cashless treatment service. Not all insurance providers provide this unique benefit, but many reputed providers are helping their policyholders with the same. This means, if you get admitted to a hospital in case of an illness or injury, you do not need to pay anything, and they start the treatment without asking for any payment from the patient.

Such benefits prove very useful when you are already caught sort and fall ill, unfortunately. These plans help the policyholders avail the required treatment without any difficulty and helps greatly to save their life.

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