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Significance of Cybersecurity for IoT gadgets


As the number of connected devices is advancing gradually, the anxieties over data security and malicious invasions.

On analyzing the positive and negative aspects of the IOT, we still wonder, what makes the IoT distinct from traditional practices?

The ideology of Internet of Things Developer describes the web of physical devices and objects connected or accessed through the Internet. Nearly all the devices around us in houses, workplaces, vehicles, manufacturing factories and others, are interlinked via networks.

When we refer these devices as interconnected, it intricate arrangements where every device communicates in a “smart and intelligent” way. With more and more devices joining the web of devices, the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life is on its way to be accomplished. Every single entity, from your refrigerator to your alarm clock is connected to the Internet.

Nevertheless, the association between devices and the Internet also proposes their subjection to vulnerable exploitations. Although IoT offers businesses and enterprises to create value, the constant connectivity and data sharing provides the gap. A huge pile of information and business-related data remain in the cloud storage and therefore, it is simpler for the cyber-criminals to discover a weak link and attack the sensitive and confidential data.

Many businesses is worried about the cyber risk and its challenges.

In an article from the Tech Republic, a report states an increase of 91% in DDoS attacks in the organisation between Q1 and Q3 2017.

Should we all stop managing the IoT devices just because they are not secure sufficiently?

The advantages provisioned by the technology are massive and consequently one needs to check the usage of IoT devices in order to keep the personal information to be secured. The idea is to recognize the threats and possible security procedures to be followed to safeguard the IoT environment.

Here are the few substantial points that should be taken into account while utilizing IoT devices.

No default usernames and passwords

Internet of Things Developer

This fundamental aspect can be taken into consideration for preventing the possibility of IoT cyber threats. Standard Linux-based IoT devices become easy to target for the hackers as customers don’t modify the default usernames and passwords. It is always recommended that users should change the credentials for personal use.

A big No to SSH connections

Significance of Cybersecurity for IoT gadgets - Internet of Things Developer

As mentioned previously, the Linux- based machines enable SSH mode by default making that device to listen to port 22 for connection. In case your application does not depend upon the SSH connection to be permitted, disable it instead to avoid IoT cybersecurity threats.

Limiting the IP-based networks

Significance of Cybersecurity for IoT gadgets - Internet of Things Developer

As noted, the cyber attacks are broadly done online, on that account, in order to avoid such attacks one should control the exposure of the application with reference to the IP networks, if feasible. Request assistance from your service provider for removing network-based vulnerabilities.

A VPN tunnel is a must

Significance of Cybersecurity for IoT gadgets - Internet of Things Developer

Engage your devices in a safe and secure communication by enabling them to create a VPN tunnel. Practices like virtual air-gapping by restricting traffic to and from the devices to the cyberspace should be implemented.

Firewall protection for IP’s and domain names

As a precautionary step stimulate a firewall protection for consideration of only listed and registered IP addresses, to be able to direct the traffic to your devices.

Though there is always a real possibility that if the device is hacked, the domain blocks will be withdrawn in the first place by the hacker.

Internal threats should be identified and resolved

A standard should be set in advance for the users of the IoT devices. They should be properly trained to be able to understand the outcomes and impacts.

A thesis by Ville Sulkamo released in June 2018 summarizes that the IoT environment and appliances should be handled in a similar way as any other IOT or computer devices. Both traditional computers and IoT devices, work on the same modules and are prone to be attacked by external threats. Therefore, it is important to protect the IOT Appliances like any other computer system connected to the internet. This practice does not merely protect the devices but also other devices connected to it.

In recent times, IoT has developed in an unpredictable way. The organisations are attempting to optimize the processes for taking advantage of the extraordinary opportunity for turning revolutionary schemes into reality. The intention is to turn up with better decisions and supply quality products for the customers.

Typically, recognizing the potential threats and securing your system can appear as a tedious task but pre-planned action maps and tools are extremely valuable to secure the IoT devices. Once you are prepared with a secure plan of action regarding the threats then you will be able to concentrate on generating the value rather than taking care of risks.

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