Opening a restaurant is not just about creating a fancy menu and serving delicious food. There are a lot of complex challenges that a restaurateur has to face. If you enter the restaurant business only half prepared, you will end up closing your doors in less than a year. A restaurateur has to make a hundred decisions before you even open the doors. It is important that you learn from the mistake made by restaurants that did not manage to survive. Their decisions will tell you the mistakes you should avoid to so you can keep things running.

Here are a few common mistakes that you should look out for so that you can become a successful restaurateur.

Unimpressive Launch:

If you want the customers to know that you have great food to offer then you have to make a splash. Never assume that just because you build something, people are going to flock to the place. It is not wise to leave anything to a chance. You do not want your investment to go to waste. Make sure that you let everyone in the area know about the launch. A good launch will make the potential clients curious and they will visit your place.

Ignoring the Cost of The Menu:

It is important that you know how much money the menu is costing you. The chefs are responsible for creating a menu and their main focus is taste and presentation. You are not helping the business if you are offering dishes at a loss. To achieve success the business needs profit. Knowing the exact cost of the dish will allow you to set a reasonable price for it.

Not Hiring Enough People:

In the beginning, restaurateurs do not think that they need many people so they do not hire many people. It is not a smart decision. The smart move is to hire more people than you need. About a third of the people you hire are going to leave in the first two weeks. You will also realize that the other third are not worth keeping so you will fire them. It is not good to lose all your staff within the first month of opening your doors. If you hire more than you need you will have the staff to keep the kitchen running even when most of them leave.

Do Not Be an Absentee Owner:

When you start a business, you have to invest time and energy in it. Investing money is important but it is not enough. It is important that you take an active part in the day to day operations of the restaurant. Understanding everything about the business is importing. It will allow you to manage the place in a better way and it will increase chances of success.

Lack of System:

It is not feasible for the owner to handle everything as it can become overwhelming. To keep the restaurant running smoothly you will need best under counter fridge etc. but you will also need a system. The system offers accountability, stability and a direction. With a system you can assign tasks and responsibilities to the employees. It will keep things running. Without a system the restaurant will be a chaos which is not good for success.