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4 Types of Commercial Beverage Coolers


As we all know that in retail business it is very important that you have appropriate refrigeration units. Other than that there are lots of other businesses in which these appliances are very important part. Just like a restaurant, club, pub, food, beverage or bakery business. So for this you should prefer to analyze your need first after that decide which refrigeration unit you want to have.

Depending on these factors you can simply decide the size and features of the unit that you want to have. Actually, you can use these units to store beverages in your store and to keep them chilled especially in summer season.

For storing bottles or juices there are lots of different types of commercial beverage coolers that you can buy for your business. Here we are discussing about its types.

1. Prefer to Get the Back Bar Stocked Cooler:

First type of beverage storing cooler that is being used commonly is Commercial bar coolers. Actually, these units use to have a large storing capacity and used in lots of different scenarios. This unit will be the best option for a bar as you can store soft drinks, hard drinks, mixers and juices of every kind in it.

They will give you the best possible performance. Basically, these back bar refrigerators use to have front ventilation with the glass doors. You will also get the 3 door bottle cooler varieties in these units. That will make it an ideal option to place it right behind the-bar.

2. Prefer to Have A Refrigerated Merchandiser:

The next option that you can have in these beverage storage units is a refrigerated Merchandiser. You can simply use these units to store huge amount of bottles, soft drinks, hard drinks, and cans.

This unit is commonly used in a commercial setting. Actually, these units use to come in different designs, shapes and sizes. And all of them use to have separate features and capacity levels. It also consists of front glass door ventilation that will make easy for customers to choose the one they want

3. Prefer to Get the Ultimate Station in The Kitchen:

As we all know that typical kitchen definitely wants to have a prep table or workstations that you use while cooking or serving food. So in that situation you should prefer to opt for ultimate station. That consist of refrigeration unit and also a prep table.

This unit is the best for small kitchen. Next, you should know that there are different sizes present in these ultimate stations so you can choose the one according to your kitchen capacity.

4. Opt for Under Counter Refrigeration Coolers:

Other units that are commonly for storing beverages is the under counter refrigeration coolers. Actually, these units work like your old-fashioned, commercial fridge, but they are available in small size. That is the best option for small kitchens.

So you can simply use these units for storing beverages of any type that could be soft drinks, hard drinks, juices and mixers. Actually, you will find different sizes, designs and styles of these under counter coolers. From which you can simply choose the one that will match with your need.

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