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Beware Antenna Watchers You may have to Pay for the Antenna Service from 2019



Cord cutting clan which had switched to over-the-air TV with the associated antennas, need to take serious action to keep their channels alive and coming. U.S insider has told in a Press release that Around 1,000 TV channels (broadcasting stations) across the U.S are switching their frequencies between 2018 and 2020. A representative for the National Association of Broadcasters, Steve Gardener testified the same.

Some of these channels will not be free anymore, and you may have to pay for the service. Three local broadcast stations of Philadelphia area will move frequencies starting Thursday, July 19, 2019, and Monday, July 23 2019. This is the first of many station changes over the next couple of years. Viewers will need to re-scan their TV channels to ensure they continue to receive over-the-air broadcasts.

Cable subscribers are not affected

Past five years have been revolutionizing in the field of media. TV owners who had cut their cable connections were both; jaw wide happy, or tear drooping sadly. I’ll tell you a fascinating story I found on the internet. Mister AA (let’s call him that for the sake of privacy) cut the cord because all of his neighbors’ had done it so.

Now Mister AA lives alone and works day and night—according to him he wasn’t a huge TV fan and thought he can survive without 500 different channels coming on his TV. But he couldn’t. With every day passing, he became more and more annoyed because he had nothing to do in those vacant three hours of his life.

Gardening didn’t help, pets didn’t help, and there came the point when he became remarkably silent. The same Google which had been suggesting him to cut the cord told him how to mend the cord, and he is watching his shows on cable again, no matter for one hour.

Why Antenna Generation Trended Back And Why People Kissed Their Cable Connections Goodbye:

Many landowners are leaving their cable service to opt for the traditional antenna services. The dominant motive behind this trend is cost cutting. When the cable service charges you 120 to $140 per month, antenna service is free. If you install the antenna once you are not required to anything else anymore. Local antenna installers have been busy making new connections, installing new antennas every day.

Since its free its cheaper you can cut the cost of entertainment by a great deal:

If you want to cut down on entertainment cost, pay your cable service a big TA-TA. Cable service is unarguably expensive, and we don’t need to mention how much you have to pay per year (its $1500 or more per year). If you’re thinking about controlling your expenses, along with other measures, cut the cable service as well.

You get the channels for free There is NO subscription Really!

Antennas cover and provide you channels which regular cable services never offer. Broadcast stations send you signals which are entirely free, if you are watching the local channels on the cable service, you should stop paying for the service because similar channels are there on the antenna. Why settle for something when you can have it for free.

Local free tv

So many Sub-Channels are available on the antenna:

Compare both of the services, and you will know that there is no comparison between cable service and antenna, cable service for sure is better when it provides you thousands of channel options at the same time, but so many of those channels are free and you can still get some on the antenna as well.

The antenna service works best only when you live in a market where there are two or more channel options.  You will get subtlety regarding signals as well. The annoyance a breaking channel service brings in is unwatchable. But the antenna channels never break so you can watch your favorite shows without any interruption regularly.

Uncompressed signals offer better quality you get better HD via antenna:

Antenna users say the quality of their service is better. They receive uncompressed signals and are very fond of the picture quality. The compressed signals do not produce a good quality picture unless the service is high definition. You can still use your flat TV mounting or the old TV, for which you don’t require a high definition service

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