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Importance of assignments at the school and college level


Assignments are a sort of homework given to students to work on. They can be group projects which can have a multitude of topics or features to follow for doing them accurately. Teachers assign them for various types of reasons and also give a deadline within which to do the assignments. Discussed below are the benefits and drawbacks of these as well as the impact they have on students.


Benefits of assignments:

Assignments act as a way to reinforce what has been learnt in the class. They give teachers the chance to judge what the students have learnt throughout the year and how strong or weak their concepts are. By do my assignment, the students learn a variety of things. First and foremost, if it is a group assignment they learn how to work with a team and so they know how important teamwork is.

There are a lot of different personalities in one group so students learn how to work with dominating personalities and how not to argue over every small disagreement. This is an important lesson and is also imperative to learn for the future where students will have jobs and will have to work with people they might not always agree with.

How to allocate resources:

Furthermore, they learn how to allocate resources effectively as not everyone in a group is strong at every thing but if everyone does the task they are strongest at, the assignment will work out brilliantly. Students also learn creativity as assignments include a topic which they have to use as a base to make a project on, so students conduct research on the topic and then use the research to come up with creative ideas to use for their project.

This way they learn how to work independently as well and also learn how important research is. Balancing their schoolwork and other extra curricula’s with projects like these teaches them how important time management is and how they should prioritize tasks in accordance with their importance so instead of wasting time, they work productively to ensure the completion of all their tasks on time.

Moreover, assignments like these help visual learners a lot as well because when they do research they watch videos or pictures related to the subject and in turn, they gather a log of information on the subject they are researching which helps them be more informed in class as well. This is also helpful in their exams or class tests where they score better due to being more knowledgeable on the subject as a whole.


Drawbacks of assignments:

There are also a lot of drawbacks to these assignments for school and university students. For one, if these have to be done individually, it poses a problem with how to manage these assignments. With schoolwork and a few hours of homework plus extra curricular activities it is very hard to do more work. Children are already sleep deprived and to add more work to their already full timetable will exhaust them further.

This will be a threat to their mental as well as physical health and even means they will spend less time relaxing or being with their family and friends which will put undue stress on these relationships. Furthermore, if these assignments involve group work, that poses a lot of problems as well. First and foremost, working in a group is hard as scheduling meetings takes a lot of time and even just agreeing on a specific detail takes a lot of work.

This means that the decision making process is delayed and also means that clashing personalities cannot work together as more time will be spent arguing rather than working. Most people prefer working alone as there are less distractions to act as a hindrance in getting work done. Within a work, discussions are not always productive and the smallest distraction leads to the entire group quickly getting off topic and before you know it, a few hours have passed with virtually no work getting done.

If you end up with lazy team members, you might have to do all the work yourself as everyone can not be trusted to have the same work ethic. This ends up in resentments and the idea that sharing credit for something only one person has done is acceptable which really just leads to more students being lazy and depending on others to do their work for then instead of putting hard work in.

It also defeats the whole purpose of the assignment which is learning and getting some research on the topic done. Instead, it acts as a free pass for some to relax whilst others do the work.

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