Facebook has reached a record! More than 1.3 billion users or the same as the entire population of China. No fewer than 50 million organizations use this application for their daily activities. This is the biggest social media application in the world today and maybe for the next 5 years.

Facebook’s success has an impact on the success of derivative products such as Facebook Messenger Kissanime. This chat application is used by hundreds of millions of people, making it counted as one of five chat applications with the most users in the world.

However the popularity of Facebook Messenger is not free from problems. One of them is a popup message that appears at any time. This is certainly very annoying and if you use this messenger application regularly, you must resolve this problem immediately.

Pname Com Facebook Orca:

You may have gotten a popup message on Facebook saying that “the Pname Com Facebook Orca has stopped”. This message is very annoying because it often appears on your Android screen. Broadly speaking, the Pname Com Facebook Orca is the name of the Facebook Messenger application package.

This folder is responsible for storing various kinds of files; images, audio, videos, plugins, cache and applications.

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This is a folder that is created automatically when you install the Facebook Messenger application for the first time. To note, there is another automatic folder that is Facebook Katana. This is also created automatically when you install Facebook. You don’t need to worry about these two folders, but you certainly need to have a solution if they cause annoying annoyances.

This is not malware:

Pname Com Facebook Orca is not malware. Again this is a folder that is automatically created when you install Facebook Messenger.

Do you have to delete it?

No, you don’t! Removing Pname Com Facebook Orca is a waste. It will appear again automatically.

This folder has benefits:

Pname Com Facebook Orca helps you when you want to take a conversation that has been deleted. This may be annoying but it cannot be denied that this folder helps you to get important messages that might not be intentionally deleted. This can help you recover messages on Facebook Messenger because this saves all your conversation files. This is the reason why the folder spends a lot of space.

But of course you can do something to “fix” Pname Com Facebook Orca:

  • Open “settings” on your device followed by opening “application”
    Click “All Applications”
    You will find a “Facebook application”. The next step is to delete its data
    Reopen your Facebook application.

By doing the steps above, you will delete all data in the Facebook Messenger application. When you have finished deleting them, you will no longer find “pname com facebook orca” again.

There is one other way that can be done:

Open “settings” and UN-install your Facebook application. Restart your device and download the application again from the Google Play Store.

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How can you benefit from Pname Com Facebook Orca?

Again, this is related to recovering messages on Facebook Messenger that have been deleted, intentionally or unintentionally.
1. Open File Explorer

  1. Open the storage card and look for the Android folder. For information, this folder contains all data related to all applications installed on your Android device.
  2. Under the Data folder you will find “com.facebook.orca”. Click that!
  3. Open the “cache” folder in the “com.facebook.orca” folder and you will find the “fb_temp” folder, in this folder you will find all the conversation information on Facebook Messenger.

The Pname Com Facebook Orca  is a harmless folder. You only need to minimize the interference caused by it. Hopefully this article is useful.


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