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Best IT Jobs for Fresh Graduates


Graduating from university and college is the start of a new different phase; of course some may choose to take a deeper level of educational experience like registering for higher degrees like certified specialized courses, Master’s degree and PHD as well.

The majority of graduates would start looking for a job as soon as they graduate, in order to enrich their resume and career experience. Fresh graduates biggest fear is whether they will able to find a suitable job offer, affair paid salary rate and a solid career prospects.

Every fresh graduate must do a full detailed research about careers and jobs, what are the most in-demand jobs? What are the most important skills fresh graduates must obtain? How to build up an extraordinary resume?

There are many perspectives that fresh gradates should take into consideration before applying for a job, and one of these tasks is to do a search on the jobs that are highly on –demand in the market in the industry they have studied.

Here are the best Information Technology jobs for Fresh Graduates:

Software developer:

Becoming a software developer is the same as the computer programmer; you are the key role in different software systems like the design, maintenance, testing, and installation. Which also means that you’ll be the one creating programmers which aims to help business to be more efficient and make sure it provides a better service among its competitors.

  • Salary Rate: salary rates are satisfying. But it also depends on your creativity and work adaptability.

How to find a software developer job?

The easier way is to check job openings opportunities websites like Joblang; you can check daily job offers openings.

Systems analyst:

The analyst roll here will be to examine the software systems created by developers, and require for new IT system software. They should test the quality of the software, hardware, and if it’s fluffing the needs of the business employers and clients. They can also train and monitors the user’s effectiveness.

  • You can check the skills needed for the System Analyst position in Joblang, they usually write down the crucial skills which need to be owned by the candidate.
  • Salary Rate: High to Medium.

Business analyst:

There roll is to identify opportunities for more improvement to processes and the operations of business by using information technology. It should start by analyzing the customer’s specific needs, documenting and requirements in order to create a project plan to design the final result for the technology solution.

  • Business Analysts position doesn’t necessarily require a technical degree, technology understating can be enough.
  • Check the skills which control the salary rate in such a position by visiting websites which posts online job opportunities like
  • Salary Rate: high to fair, depending on the company business flow and the efficiency of the analyst.

IT support analyst:

IT support analysts must provide technical set-up, advice and support to IT user by phone, email, and social media and in person. They can either provide support with both external businesses and particular organization.

  • Information technology Support Analysts require an IT related degree , because this job roll is complicated and needs a lot of scientific studies.
  • Salary Rate: medium to satisfying.

Network engineer:

This job position is internationally and locally in an Increasing demand, why? Because we are broadly speaking about the role which is involved in setting up, upgrading communications, maintaining a normal process flow and administering on network systems. They are also responsible for data storage, data security and disaster recovery strategies.

  • Telecom or computer science related degree is required.
  • Such high technical roles like Network Engineers needs to hold special technical certifications to every process you pass.
  • Salary Rate: one of the highest paying jobs in Information Technology Fields.

Information technology field is a never ending developing industry, new technology strategies and inventions are still on process, its only getting bigger and bigger. Most of us as individuals rely on technology use in 50% of our life’s daily routine. If we as individuals operate with technology on daily basis, what about the huge crucial companies and organizations?

Everything nowadays is connected to technology and IT in a way or another, that’s why studying anything related to IT is always a winner deal. You can take a glimpse of the demand on IT related Jobs on online job search engines like LinkedIn and, as well as checking the salary rated paid for each specific job position and determine the skills that should be obtained in each job description.

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