Digital marketing is incomplete without social media. It contributes more than 70% of your optimization efforts. Organic traffic is worthwhile, and it will be forever. You can run PPC campaign, or host podcast or get a famous influencer onboard to write detailed content on your niche; but your campaign is still on mediocre level because you’re not doing social media marketing.

Social media channels act like link builders for brands as they convey your message to millions of people living across the globe. They tell your success stories. They let you befriend with people who are looking for a solution to their problems. Maybe, you have an answer to their queries.

Here, I’m sharing with 3 Top Tactics to Benefit from Social Media marketing for Successful Link Building:`

Your Social Media Campaign Should Cater to Young Adults and Teens:

According to a study done by Statista, around 98% of youngsters from the ages of 18 to 29 years use the internet daily. Likewise, people from the age group of 30 to 49 use browse the web regularly. These are the estimated numbers which can help social media marketers to understand the target market and audience better.

Since numbers of youngster and adults are higher when it comes to Internet consumption, make sure your social media campaign is catered toward these age groups. It’s the age of millennials- people who grew up with smartphones, tablets, and laptops; they use social media platforms keenly every day.

That’s why; big brands benefit from millennials to spread the word of positivity and bridge communication gaps since they’re aware of attitudes of the young adults and teens. Millennials can understand the problems of youngsters and adults with ease as compared to baby boomers.

For example, you sell sneakers- a type of shoe famous around the globe in youngsters due to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. So, the majority of the youngsters are on the Internet which means that you’ve 100% chances of growing your clientele if you’ll aim at young guys and girls and adult teens.

Respond Intelligently in Real-Time on Social Media:

A campaign isn’t bound to succeed unless it responds intelligently in real-time. Life on social media is always on the go. Every time something is happening on social networks. It is still a great opportunity available for brands and businesses to establish their connection with the targeted audience.

Social media never go silent; every second people share, like and comment on something. So, if you’re not showing your presence, you’re killing tons of opportunities of getting connected to the people of different mindsets and social circles. In a nutshell, make an effective social media strategy, before it gets too late for you.

Rarely a brand can go to the next level without an experienced social media manager who adds fuels to a marketing campaign. A better tactic for you is to look for what’s trending and jump on them. Always look for trends which aren’t risky. A good reputation is vital for your brand. Avoid any such thing which leads to humiliation or lousy image in the eyes of clients, visitors and targeted audience.

Show Your Creativity:

Creativity is super essential if you want to dominate the social media sphere. It’s nothing like a piece of cake to become the talk of the town if you don’t have the support of creative people. A persuasion is a form of creativity. Instigating people to take a specific action is not a child’s play. Mediocrity is the death of a brand on social media. Every business has a page on Facebook and a brand profile on Twitter.

What creative strategy do you have to stand out in the brands with jaw-dropping video and text contents? What does make your brand look different? What are the USPs of your brand? It requires you to do in-depth planning and analysis to land on masterpiece plan for social media marketing.

You’re not the one and the only one who’s in the race for quick popularity and instant stardom. There are millions of websites, brands, and businesses on the Internet that want to escalate their business output by storm. Underestimating the quality of content is like putting ax on your own feet.

Social media is the antidote of anonymity. It’s a powerhouse to jumpstart your ailing business; that’s why all you need is a valid strategy with top-notch creativity, and you will be on the fast track of getting traffic from your social media channels.


Link building is hard-nut-to-crack in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and SMM(Social Media Marketing). Let alone sales; you can’t build traffic; if you’re not on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and Instagram.

A success of a brand or business is determined by how well people perceive about it because people make a purchasing decision based on reviews of other people. Now is the time for you to design a full-fledged social media marketing plan and take your brand to the next levels of fame and fortune.


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