A family room or living area needs a rug for various reasons. They provide comfort, homeliness and spark interests of the guests. They are basically artworks for the floor with a variety of collateral advantages, like, providing a frame for furniture placement and space definition. Area rugs are more advantageous for wall carpeting, essentially because cleaning them is easier and if the look of the area becomes monotonous, they can be replaced in a moment. There are a lot of options in selecting the area rugs, where few things are to be taken into consideration.

The following are a few points which need to be kept in mind:

  • SIZE: People often misjudge the size of rugs that are required to cater to ones’ need. They mostly select a smaller one. An area rug should enclose all the furniture in the living space. It will be more eye-catching if you can, at least, accommodate half of all the furniture into the rug while some of it can overflow to the outer area. Finally, all the smaller furniture and condiments must be fit into the area rug, so the arrangement of furniture must not become an issue while committing to a rug.
  • COHERENCE: If your living room is comparatively large, then different area rugs can occupy different conversation zones. They do not necessarily need to match in a pattern but to have a basic connection in style, keeping in mind the other theme of the room. Area rug is great for people who rent apartments and are always moving. Wall to wall carpeting might be more practical but an area rug will travel with you wherever you go.
  • CLEANING: There should be a considerable amount of space between the walls and the rugs to ensure easy cleaning. Medium to high pile ones should be cleaned twice a year and care should be taken to eliminate dust, hair and any allergens for which vacuuming is not enough. Low pile and flat weave ones should be taken outside periodically and shaken to eliminate dust.
  • STYLIZATION: Since area rugs are vibrant and can be considered stand-alone art pieces for the floor, they are a great opportunity to instill playfulness and start conversations. Bold patterns are fun to experiment with but care should be taken while selecting the furniture which is to be kept on top so that they do not cover up the area rug. They are appropriate for any type of flooring and room surface.  They add sound absorbing qualities to the room and also soften the floors of tiles. They are great accessories that can work everywhere, be it living rooms, bedrooms or dining area.
  • ESSENTIALS: Most of these come along with manuals that have instructions for caring and handling. Natural fibers, such as, jute and sisal should be kept conservatively because any spill can cause permanent damage. A rug on a carpeted floor can wrinkle and also cause slipping. So, any type of adhesion is welcome for the wellbeing of the rug and safety of the user.


A huge trend that is gaining momentum as of now is an indoor/outdoor rug. They are generally made of polypropylene and are mainly designed for outdoor areas, such as decks and patios.

They are unbelievably practical since they are easy to clean and hosed off with water. They are resistant to stain, bleach proof and durable. They are also available in a variety of colors and can resemble natural fibers. Due to these advantages, they are considered to be perfect for kitchens, foyers and even bathrooms.

Thus, a rug is a great accessory for your home. They craft beauty and elegance to the home, In addition, they are also handy and realistic.