The mobile based AR technology amazed when the AR game Pokemon Go stirred the world only in a couple of weeks of its release. The game proved to be quite addictive as many players got an accident while searching Pokemon being showed on different locations in the game’s map. It’s a proven use of AR, but the technology can be used in other areas like business, marketing and so on.

Augmented Reality is created by blending virtual elements like computer generated sensory inputs with the real world images. And not only for gaming or entertainment but the technology can be applied to mobile applications for businesses, hospitality, learning, and travel.

The only aspect to be thought in an augmented reality app development is whether or not implementer (developers) possess the right skill-set. The right skill set is required for the development of a powerful and innovative augmented reality app for smartphones.

The technology of augmented reality isn’t restricted to particular sorts of devices. Unlike the VR technology that requires attachment devices, like Google Glass, Smart TV, or headset, AR for mobile devices just needs an app and a mobile device. That’s all. This makes VR mobility easily adoptable.

On the other hand, it’s not easy to hire a mobile app developer which can apply your AR app concept easily to desired platforms with taking all your requirements into consideration.

Now if you too are up to hire a developer for your AR mobility concept, here we have put examples the way other companies have realized their augmented reality apps:

Coca-Cola Germany:

Coca Cola Germany established an impressive AR technology example to influence its sales. It equipped its representatives with the ability of augmenting the full range of coolers right at stores of customers. The app could be used in tablets and mobile devices to simulate 3D coolers on site. This functionality aided customers to easily come to a purchase decision as the app had already visualized to them that how the product would look like in their stores.

IKEA Place app:

IKEA is world’s most popular ready-to-assemble furniture manufacturer. The company has an interesting implementation of AR technology through its IKEA Place app. The app lets customers visualize an IKEA furniture product at particular place or corner of a room before they actually buy. The app contributes to sales of the company and helps customers vanish confusions and come to a final decision for buying a product.


L’Oreal is a globally popular fashion brand. The company equipped its European sales team with an AR app to increase the sales of product range for salons. The app shows salon owners with the display-stands for hair-care products. The app augmented life-size 3D models of display-stands at any the place where shop-owners want to place them.  

These three are the working examples of AR business apps. Does your business have a scope of AR mobility implementation? If yes, it’s time you search for augmented reality mobility application development company.

Author Bio. :- Sofia Coppol is is the technical writer of Rapidsoft technologies, a prominent mobile app development company which provides Android and iPhone app development services across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises.