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The Necessary Things You Need To Know About Wall Rendering


It is essential to ensure that your house is in excellent condition. And it’s the house appearance that determines the state and age of the house. If your home is old enough, it will be visible in its external look. Also, if your house walls are very old and have got arranged in an old style, it might negatively impact the property value. If you ever wish to sell your house, chances are you will get a low sale price. Hence, it is essential to come up with a solution, so that your home looks beautiful and well-maintained all the time. Of the best ways is to opt-in for wall rendering that many roof restoration and replacement companies specialise in.

What is wall rendering?

However, before you even try to attempt this, it is essential to know what wall rendering is all about. Simply put, the process of wall rendering involves a plastered finish for the external walls that provides a very seamless and smooth finish. Also, it works in a way to secure the brickwork against the natural elements and its gradual fading off. Conventionally, wall renders get done using a maximum of two or three coats. And hence, it prevents the chances of cracks taking place.

If you want to opt-in for wall rendering the proper way, then you need to reach out to the best service provider. You can research online and check out the various websites of service providers, such as Roof and Render SA and many others. Once you compare companies, their services and costs, you can find the company best for you.

Multiple render types you need to know

There are many kinds of wall finishes today. And these are much more than the grey pebble fraction of the housing trends that was prevalent during the post-war times. You have access to advanced products to select from. Some of the products comprise of the one-coat, and the coloured-silicone renders. A few other types are as follows:

  • The cement renders

It is one of the best and standard choices. It gets blended on the site and generally gets applied in many coats. It gets painted after it has dried. And it is essential to paint this so that it looks as excellent as it did when the paint got done first.

  • The polymer renders

This wall render gets pre-mixed and is also pre-coloured. And such type of render is most of the times through-coloured. Here the service providers add a pigment that further gets added to the entire manufacturing process. And here the whole render needs to get coloured as opposed to the external surface. It indicates that it’s not essential to paint the house walls.

  • Lime renders

It has been seen, lime renders get used rarely. It hasn’t been in use for over decades. However, in recent times, lime renders are coming back to use. As a material, lime scores over cement. Also, lime prevents moisture from getting trapped in the brickwork. In terms of look, lime looks visually stunning than cement. However, it can be a tad bit costly and short in supply. But today, there are service providers that are getting lime wall renders back to use and supply.

The best advantages of wall rendering for a house

Other than securing the brickwork against rain and wind, wall rendering will make your residential building sturdier and more useful. Approximately, 30% of the energy that gets used for room heating gets lost via the external walls. You can also resort to acrylic-insulated render for wall rendering. And that is one of the smartest ways of energy upgradation efficiency, sans cutting short on the interior living space.

Furthermore, the advanced acrylic-insulated render is apt for the refurbishment projects as well as fresh buildings. You always have the chance to browse through an expert service online and get in touch with the company to address all your necessary questions, before you opt-in for the process.

Is it possible for you to render your walls?

Today, with the internet boom, there’s always a DIY available for any task at hand. The same applies to wall rendering, even though few sources might say that you can do it yourself, it’s a smart call to put an expert to the job. When it comes to plastering, getting a completely seamless and smooth finish might become tough.

Will you require planning permission for wall rendering?

Generally, there’s no requirement for applying to planning permission for any maintenance and repairs for wall rendering. However, if you stay in a location sensitive place, for instance, a conservation area, it is essential to get permission. Get this done before you start the wall rendering process. And just in case you wish to re-render the residence’s external walls, the building guidelines might apply. It is wholly based on the work that gets done.

Also, if your residential property gets listed and happens to be a part of any group of parties, you will need specific permission to start the wall rendering process. You need to check all your efforts and actions as well as paperwork’s prior to starting.

Is it possible to mix the materials?

There are changing trends related to wall rendering. One of the prominent trends is to cover your hose with many material types. The wall renders combinations, as well as timber cladding, are a popular choice for many.

However, if you intend to mix the finishes, it is essential to keep in mind that there is an extra expense incurred for all the renovations. Make use of the lesser quantities of other materials might just become costly. Hence, it is imperative that you make sure that the elements get installed in the correct order. There should also be distinct junctions in between them.

These are some of the critical points to consider before you opt-in for wall rendering. And today, you have several service providers listed online to select from. Some companies are popular for their excellent wall rendering services. Search for a company that has reputed feedback and reach out for professional help. Also, having the facts mentioned above might help you decide better for wall rendering for your house.

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