In line with the Prime Minister’s vision of Digital India and Skill India, the IFFCOYuva job portal aims to help increase the employ ability of the youth of India and provide them with a platform to look for the right kinds of jobs that suit their skills perfectly.

The IFFCOYuva also offers various programs and certifications in different fields, where the youth can improve their skill sets and then apply for certification in the same. It may be said without a doubt that the IFFCOYuva job portal is to be the bridge between the youth of India and the several employers who are on the lookout for a skilled workforce.

The IFFCOYuva job portal offers deserving candidates access to a plethora of job opportunities, and is equipped with a host of search options and parameters to make the whole process easier and hassle free. Candidates can filter their search as per their location or their field of interest. The job vacancies have been segregated into several categories; so, whether you’re on the lookout for electrical engineering jobs in Mumbai or want to work as a doctor in Delhi, the IFFCOYuva job portal ensures that you have no hassles in finding the right jobs.

The Variety in Categories:

Whether you want to apply for electrical engineering jobs in Mumbai or you wish to take up a sales job in Bangalore, the IFFCOYuva job portal offers easy categorization and access to all kinds of job vacancies for the skilled workforce. Some of the most popular job categories at the IFFCOYuva job portal are as follows:

  • Accountant
  • Doctor
  • Electrician
  • Fitter
  • Insurance
  • Machinist
  • Management jobs
  • Security
  • Digital marketing
  • Content writing
  • Programming assistance
  • Sales
  • Welder jobs

Using the number of search filters that are available on the IFFCOYuva website, one can easily filter and find the jobs they are looking for.

Finding the Right Category of Job at IFFCOYuva:

Start by registering yourself on the website

Candidates who are on the lookout for the right kind of job categories for their skill sets first need to register themselves at the portal. For registration, one has to provide all their personal as well as professional details, so that their profile may be created. Once the profile is ready, people can start searching for the kind of jobs they are looking for.

The portal as well as the job application process is completely free of cost. The search parameters can be modified to show you jobs that are relevant to your field. Also, you can modify the search to show results based on the location or on the fields/industries. You also have the option to search for jobs by company name.

The IFFCOYuva job portal also has a knowledge center where candidates can read informative content about job search and the job market in India. All in all, IFFCOYuva offers job seekers a one- stop platform for all their needs related to a job search.

From looking for the right jobs to working on improving their skills for different fields and industries, IFFCOYuva makes sure that candidates are able to access the right kind of resources to help improve employment and employ ability across the country.


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