Chicago is a neat and diverse city, the capital of the Midwestern United States. From mighty skyscrapers to wonderful beaches along the Lake Michigan coast, there is much to see. Amidst the exciting hustle and bustle of this city, it may be tempting to forgo your fitness sessions. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are three great ways to stay fit while traveling in Chicago.

Stay Fit in Chicago’s Water Front Parks:

Like any large city, Chicago boasts beautiful parks that imbue the bustling city with grace and nature. Along the shores of Lake Michigan is where you can find the best parks to inspire you to stay fit on your trip. Lincoln Park sits on the shoreline of the lake. It features lovely foliage, a view of the city’s mighty skyscrapers, and calming ponds that run throughout the park.

Visitors are welcome to walk, jog, ride bikes, or skate throughout the many miles of pavement the wind through the park. If you like yoga, set up your mat on the many lush grass areas for some relaxing exercise and meditation.

Stay Fit in Chicago Waterfront Hotels:

If you aren’t sure where to stay when you visit Chicago, the Hyatt Regency Chicago is a great choice. Located on the beautiful Chicago River walk, the Hyatt Regency is set among most of the city’s exciting attractions. Not only is Lake Michigan a few minutes’ walk from the hotel, but attractions such as Navy Pier, Millennium Park, and Chicago’s Children’s Museum are also located only minutes away from the hotel. One of the nice things about this city is that it is pedestrian and biker friendly.

If you find you are visiting during good weather, why not walk or bike your way to a neat attraction? Not only will you get great exercise through these activities, but you are bound to see more shops, restaurants, and markets that you might not see otherwise. If you are more of an indoors fitness person, or you are visiting during the winter months, the Hyatt Regency hotel houses a beautiful and clean fitness room.

Enjoy amenities such as workout machines, dumbbell sets, and exercise ball sets. You will also find that the hotel features a beautiful indoor pool for use during your workouts, or simply for leisure.

Stay Fit in Chicago’s Plethora of Gyms and Clubs:

The city of Chicago has no shortages of gyms and fitness clubs to choose for your sweaty session. There are hundreds of gyms around the cities area. There’s a good mix of privately owned or club access, public, and specialized gyms (think Hot Yoga or Cross fit gyms). Chicago also houses chain fitness centers such as Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness if you are more inclined to visit a gym you are already familiar with. Many of these gyms offer guests a flat, weekly rate that allows you to visit as many times as you want during the extent of your stay in the Windy City.

The public fitness centers are more economical if you are looking for a place where anyone can work out. If you want something more private, such as one-on-one personal training time, you will need to check into the privately owned gyms. Many of Chicago’s gyms sit right near Lake Michigan, so you can stay fit as you behold a wonderful view of the water.

Whether you prefer a waterfront atmosphere for your fitness routine or prefer an indoor facility, Chicago offers wonderful places and scenic areas to help keep you on the road to a healthier body. Stay fit and enjoy your stay in the Windy City.


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