The purpose of the Offshore hosting provider is to host your websites in a secure and safe mode outside the country. Keeping your website in line with your local country’s laws can be a challenge. To avoid regional legal issues (often related to privacy or free speech), many tend to offshore hosting.

Technically, any site hosted outside of your country is “offshore”. But a large number of specialized offshore website hosts are located in the courts, which provide legal protection for their sites.

There are so many hosting providers but here we describe some specific provider in all of them. So, the top Offshore hosting provider are as follows:-

  • Visual Web Technologies (best for WordPress)
  • IP Hoster (for bargain prices)
  • Flaunt7 (best privacy options)
  • WebCare360 (simple and straightforward location choice)
  • OffshoreDedi (dedicated streaming options)

1. Visual Web Technologies:

Visual web technology is not free there is some price on it from $10 /month for unlimited storage and bandwidth. Visual Web Technologies is a hosting service located in India with the offshore server in the Netherlands (Amsterdam).

The plans are very simple and include unlimited storage and bandwidth, so you will not have to worry about more than any arbitrary cap. If you want to share your offshore site with data-heavy multimedia content to a larger audience, then this is a great service.

Thanks to the inclusion of WordPress security suite with 1-Wordpress installation and CSF firewall, VWT is also good for offshore WordPress support hosting too.

But even though you host a non-WP site through Visual Web Technologies, you will receive an impressive set of security features. Plans come with CloudFire CDN software and offshore traffic is routed through many global scrubbing centers to reduce the risk of DDOS attacks.

One small drawback to paying attention to its customer service is that booking 1 to 1 session with their support team is only available to those customers who choose a more expensive business plan. However, live-chat support for all customers is available 24/7.


Click on WordPress Installation

WordPress Security Suite

Great security features


Starter plans do not include 1-1 support sessions

2. IP hoster:

Cost Price for unlimited bandwidth and 3GB storage: $ 0.95 / month.

IP Hoster is Estonia’s an inexpensive cheap offshore server hosting service. They have servers located in France (Paris), Poland (Warsaw), Canada (Toronto) and Germany (Frankfurt).

If you are looking at offshore hosting due to privacy concerns, then the income tax payment option of IP hoster is a major selling point – it can be used to add an extra layer of security to protect your identity.

It is also good to see that the shared hosting package is included in the SSD storage standard, so you do not have to trade page load speed for privacy. But with shared hosting, offshore VPS hosting and offshore dedicated hosting plans are available. I specifically recommend dedicated offshore servers of IP hosters to host mission-critical applications. You will get full root control over the server and there will be no need to worry about shared resources.

IP hoster also allows mining of digital currencies on offshore dedicated servers, which is another benefit for cryptic enthusiasts. Dedicated schemes start with a wonderful plan of $ 23 / month for 500GB storage. The similar capacity-based onshore server can rarely be found for twice.


  • off price
  • Unlimited bandwidth with all plans
  • Bitcoin payments accepted


  • SSL not included ($ 10 / year)
  • Vicky Support Page is not available in English

3. Flaunt7:

Prices: $ 0.99 / month for bandwidth and unlimited storage. Flaunt7 is an offshore hosting service with servers located in France (Paris), Holland (Amsterdam), Germany (Munich), Singapore, Russia (Moscow) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).

This is a fantastic offshore option if you focus on data security and hack-security as well as privacy. Flaunt7 includes Cloudflare software that acts as a firewall to avoid DDoS attacks and help eliminate bot activity.

And if software security is not enough, you can upgrade to a fully managed high-privacy VPS service plan. In addition to giving you more dedicated resources, these plans provide access to technicians around the clock that monitor your site for unwanted activity.

The policy of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is also ignored in Flaunt7, which means that if you are concerned about the content that you want to host, then it is a great provider to use. ..

Take ‘DMCA neglected’ claims with a pinch of salt:

Flaunt7 can ignore a large part of the DMCA claims, it is rare to ignore all the DMCA notices for hosting companies – even if they claim. If the DMCA is pursued with the threat of a lawsuit – whatever your server is in offshore jurisdiction – it is unlikely that any hosting provider will keep your site online.

But of course, each case is different and Flaunt7 may be right for you: Just remember that there is no 100% legal guarantee.


Great privacy features

Free domain

Cheap Shared Hosting Plans

DMCA ignored policy

4. WebCare360

Price for VPS hosting with 10GB SSD storage: $ 11.40 / month (€ 9.99). WebOffshore Web HostingCare360 is a hosting service located in St. Kitts and Nevis (British Virgin Islands) with servers in Bulgaria (Sofia), Ukraine (Kiev) and Holland (Amsterdam).

WebCare360 does not offer sharing or dedicated hosting options, but there is a series of VPS packages. This is not a big deal, however, the advantages of VPS hosting (such as scalability and security) make it an ideal form of offshore hosting.

Offshore VPS packages are all unlimited, and all VPS servers are encrypted so sites are fast and secure. If this is not enough, WebCare360 also offers a different specific DDOS package.

However, while testing the services of WebCare360, what exactly did my eye catch, was it easy with which I could select the geographical position of my server.


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