Your first wedding photography can bring a lot of stress and excitement. Even though a couple may try to find affordable wedding photography Los Angeles, they will always look for the best possible outcome. It is your responsibility to shoot a couple’s most important day with perfection, and it is a big responsibility. Being a landscape photographer, you will feel pretty nervous when you are booked for your first wedding photography.

Then you will realize that shooting weddings are a great way to make money to fund passion projects, and it is also a great way to further get your name out as a photographer. Some simple tricks and techniques can help you nail your first wedding photography. Here are three tips for photographing your first wedding just like a professional.

1. Meet Your Clients Before the Main Event:

Arguably, the camera is the most important equipment for capturing pictures. But meeting your client is a part of shooting a wedding that comes well before picking up the camera. When you are going to shoot the best day of a couple, it’s vital to set a consultation day before the wedding day.

By doing so, you can begin to build a more personal relationship with your clients which will help you a lot on the wedding day. It is recommended to meet your clients in a coffee shop or other silence places so that both of you will get an excellent environment to discuss the wedding plan.

Having a good relationship with the client will increase comfort on both sides of the lens on the wedding day. Remember that you need to bring a contract and questions for the clients which will help you prepare for details such as event times, location changes. It is a great time to discuss your plan for the wedding day and what they can expect from you. When both parties are prepared, the big day will go smoother.

2. Create a Schedule and Shot List:

After meeting with the clients, you need to create a shot list and your planning for the wedding. It is recommended to make a schedule for the wedding day. It will help you in the event, and you can get an idea for wedding photography with those shots and plans. It will give them more idea of what to expect from you, and when.

A shot list and schedule will also help you on the wedding day to count your clicks. You need a list of all the guest to prepare for each photo shoot. It is crucial to write down all the VIP guest list, and take the time with them. You should ask them what they want, and what poses are their favorite so that you can create a more comfortable relationship with new people.

Moreover, it will also help you to find your next project. The wedding can be an exciting environment with kids, family member and the couples relative. If you approach a wedding by running around and firing off shots like a madman, you’ll tire out quickly, and you might miss important moments. It is imperative for a photographer to capture all beautiful moment at the right time. That is why you should ensure a shot list and prepare a schedule for the special day.

3. Hire an Assistant:

Wedding photography requires you to do a lot of work and doing all the work alone is a tough task. An assistant can make you release some of the pressure on you. Many photographers think that they do not need an assistant. But having an assistant for your first wedding will help you to feel less overwhelmed.

If you miss any important moment, your assistant might not miss it. If you shoot wide angle photos and your assistant shoots from a tight angle, you two can capture a wide variety of shots and you will have much more diversity in your selections for your clients, and this is the primary benefit of having an extra photographer. Your assistant can also help you to share his photo shoot idea to make use of it. If he is perfect for you, then you can sign in him in your next project also.

The primary factor for a successful wedding day especially for your first wedding as a photographer is preparing ahead of time. Review your schedule with the client schedule and maintain it properly to enable you to work smoothly. If you have an assistant, give him a common task and do the main job yourself.


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