Buck Teeth also are known as overbite or malocclusion results in misalignment of teeth leading to severity. People generally live with the same for the most part of their life because they tend to ignore or simply because they feel that it is no problem that needs a solution.

But it is always advised to get this treated as it can affect your appearance making your smile less appealing. Apart from the appearance, it can result in other complications such as speech problems, chewing issues, breathing complications, pain while chewing or biting, damage to gums and the teeth and can also affect the tongue as it will bite accidentally.

One can face this issue due to various reasons such as:


  • Genetics – Because every part of your body is defined genetically, therefore, the problem of overbite can also be transferred genetically. The protruding teeth are caused due to imbalanced jaw sizes i.e. the lower jaw is not balanced properly. The uneven jaw size can be a hereditary issue and there are chances that your sibling, one of the parents or a grandparent had such type of jaw feature.
  • Childhood Habits – Children who have the habit of thumb sucking, tongue thrusting or use pacifier have chances of getting the bucked teeth. It thus becomes extremely important to make them get rid of this habitat early age so that there isn’t any such complication in the future. For instance, when the habit of thumb sucking continues past 3-4 years age, then the pressure created by the thumb on the permanent teeth which are appearing at that stage causes the teeth to come out in improper alignment thus leading to bucked teeth. Similar is the case with pacifier and tongue thrusting.  
  • Tumors and Cyst – Having cyst or tumor in your mouth result in dis-balancing of the teeth alignment thus affecting the shape of your jaw. This causes swelling in the upper jaw causing the teeth to shift forward creating the imbalanced jaw structure of the teeth. This, however, has other issues also attached.
  • Large tooth – When the teeth are larger in size than required the chances of them protruding increases which create more space thus causing misalignment of the jaw.


  1. Jaw Clenching – If you put pressure on your teeth, then it may lead to fracture which will result in the uneven jaw causing a misalignment in the teeth. This makes the teeth protruding which will be the reason of bucked teeth.

Though not a very severe case, it should not be neglected. Having bucked teeth will not result in any severe complications in the beginning but will eventually result in the problems as discussed above.

It is therefore important that the parents take their kids to the dentist as soon as they turn one or when their teeth start erupting. Regular visits to the dentist will ensure that you maintain their oral health and do not face any issues in the future. They will be there to guide you at every stage and phase.

To get the bucked teeth corrected you should visit an Orthodontist. Look for the best dental clinic near me and get to make sure you visit only an orthodontist.

The treatment options for the same are:


The problem of bucked teeth will be largely corrected by placing the braces on as this majorly leads to misalignment of teeth or what we call as malocclusion. Even if you are an adult, you can get the orthodontic treatment done. These days we have a range of braces starting from those which are most suitable for kids to the ones which can be worn by the adults. There is also the option of clear aligners which are plastic trays and are custom made to fit in a particular set of teeth.

Palate Expansion:

The kids and adolescents who have small upper jaw which makes it difficult to accommodate all the teeth. It is an appliance that is placed in the jaw of your mouth. The expansion screw widens the palate moving the two pieces apart.

Jaw Surgery:

If the jaw misaligns cases are severe and cannot be corrected by braces or the palates, then surgery is done to treat the case. It gets the upper and lower jaw in their places.

In case you are facing any such issue get a dentist appointment booked. He/she will surely help you to get the right treatment depending upon the case and your condition.    


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