If you are planning to buy any of the Chevrolet Electric Vehicles, and want to know the charging options in advance, you are doing the right thing. Before you set out to drive home either a Chevrolet Bolt EV or a Volt EV, a light skimming through this article may save you a lot of time, as here we are briefing the different ways you can charge your Chevrolet EV including the available models you get in any reputable showroom like that of Saint Maries Chevrolet dealer.

The Basic Idea:

Just like your smartphone or laptop, your electric vehicle charging will easily fit into the same experience and practically speaking, nothing different. Starting from the different types of plug and wall outlets to the options you get for the charging time and finding the locators, it is as easy as using a cellphone, as it is to drive an electric vehicle.

Charging your Bolt or Volt EV:

If you are going to own a Chevrolet Bolt or Volt EV,charging it will be as easy as just plugging in your cell phone. All you have to arrange for is a 240-volt charging unit if you want it to charge it five times faster than the usual 120-volt portable charge cord. Remember the fast charging option on your cellphone? It works nearly that way.

Bolt the EV and Volt models come with 240-volt charging capabilities as a standard feature. However, the 240-volt charging unit available works as the fastest and in the most convenient way through which you can charge both these Chevrolet EVs at home. If you can delay the charging until the utility rates get down to the lowest prices, you save a lot of money, just by putting your car at charge while you sleep at night.

DC Fast Charging Only for Bolt EV:

The other option to charge your Chevrolet EV, specifically for the Bolt, is to charge it with DC Fast Charging Method. Here are few important facts regarding this method listed below:

  • This charging option can be availed by the Bolt EV owners at an additional cost
  • This method can restore up to 90 miles of range in a single charge done for only 30 minutes.
  • The DC Fast Charging can be done only with a DC Fast Charging port.
  • DC Fast Charging prices might vary from one station to another.

Topping Up the Charge:

At the Chevrolet dealer serving Saint Maries we realized that the best advantage of driving a Chevrolet Volt or Bolt EV is that one can choose how often and when you need to charge. You can plug in your Chevrolet EV anytime to make it run a few more miles if you get a station to charge it up in your way, or at the ease of your house before you head start for a drive.

Charging Locators:

If you are worried about where to charge your electric vehicle, then there are plenty of charging stations around you. You can find the nearest one though through your myChevrolet App.


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