Various environmental factors affect the walls, ceilings, appliances, and interiors of the home. Some of the basic environmental factors are described below and their effects on home maintenance. It is recommended that before designing the home keep into consideration these factors to prevent the damage of the walls, and ceiling and the spoil of household appliances.

1. Intensity To Sun Exposure:

This is the major environmental factor which affects the living of family and the material assets of the household. It is suggested to design such rooms where ventilation is possible during peak summer days to sustain the balanced or required temperature of the household. The excessive accumulation of heat can damage the electrical appliances and wiring of houses. The cost of pat testing for landlords will need to be pay to assure that the electrical appliances are safe to use.

2. Natural Scenery:

The presence of beautiful scenery affects the environment of the house. The beautiful scenery changes the mood of the person just as bad scenery negatively affect the mood of a person. Before designing your house look around and figure out which side will provide you a view of better scenery and then design your house in that direction. So whenever you will want to have some outdoor activity in front of your house or outdoor sitting arrangements, it will add up the beauty of your house.

3. Sea Level:

Some residential areas are located near the sea or rivers. Therefore, before buying or renting a house or building your own house, keep into consideration the pattern of flood in that area. And also ask for sea level rising risk. It is seen that each year thousands of houses drowned into flood near sea areas and people died and face destruction and loss of major property. Thus, it is the major environmental factor which can affect the house maintenance.

4. Wind Speed:

People love to buy, rent or build their own houses near coastal areas. Before investing in a house, know about the wind pattern, wind speed, and wind storms in that particular area. It is observed that each year people face millions of property loses due to wind storms. To prevent such loss due to natural environmental factor it is better to plan accordingly.

5. Noise Pollution:

The overly populated residential areas can turn out to be a noise polluted. School buses horns at the morning, or garbage truck, or vendors can spoil your sleep timing. It is also suggested to build your house in such a direction where bedrooms are constructed away from the main street. It will prevent the entrance of noisy sounds in the rooms. Build a kitchen, or bathroom or parking areas near the outdoor areas.

These are major environmental factors which can affect the house maintenance. Hence, before building a house and investing in asset keep into mind these factors and plan accordingly. It will save your asset from damage and destruction due to any of such environmental factors.


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