1. Shape and Type:

The main exciting point when searching for another bong is the bong shape and type. The two most regular bong shapes are measuring utensils and vertical cylinders. Receptacle bongs are propelled from logical containers, while vertical cylinders are straight from the base to the mouthpiece.

The most mainstream kind of bongs is logical glass bongs, which are usually all clear glass, thick, and very practical for the most part containing percolators for dispersion and filtration.

2. Bowl Piece and Slide:

The following significant piece of a bong is the bowl piece or slide. There are a few distinctive style bowls you can purchase for your bong, various hues, structures, shapes, and so forth yet they all fill a similar need which is to hold your dry herbs.

The following significant thing to search for when acquiring another bowl piece is the standard size and type. All bongs will have a 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm joint that is male or female.

A male bowl fits inside the joint on a female bong, while a female bowl fits above the joint on a male bong. Regardless of your style or sort of bong, we have the ideal bowl for you, ensure you select the right size and sex.

3. Down Stem:

Numerous bongs require a downstream, which is a glass piece that interfaces the bowl to the water in the base chamber. This takes into consideration the dissemination and filtration of your dry herbs.

In any case, as of numerous late bongs are being made without the requirement for a downstream and are alluded to as stemless bongs. Stemless bongs are simpler to clean and regularly smoother.

Down stems even arrive in an assortment of styles and percolators types. When purchasing another downstream make sure, you get the correct size, or it won’t fit in your bong.

4. Percolators:

As of late bongs have turned out to be considerably more refined and incorporate some unfathomable percolators. Percolators are the piece of a bong that makes smoking increasingly smooth and charming.

Percs chill off and channel the smoke before you breathe in it, making for a progressively fantastic smoking session. Percs is short for percolators, and they arrive in a wide assortment of styles all that have various capacities and separating.

A few bongs likewise have ice catchers that enable you to add ice to your bong to help chill off your smoke.

If you genuinely need to overhaul your bong you can include an ash catcher for additional filtration and furthermore helps keep your bong clean by catching the fiery remains before it enters your bong.

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