If you are a person who likes the more conventional home appliances, and within them are the vacuum cleaners, because you have more confidence Kissanime, consider that they are more convenient and efficient, and also not willing to pay a small Fortune in a vacuum cleaner. House Cleaning, Vacuum Cleaners in budget, Cheap Vacuum Cleaners on the market, Best Cheap vacuum cleaner for house cleaning is the most searched kitchen gadgets of today. Or on the contrary, it is for a gift to his mother who is not a lover of technology and very traditional.

If you identify with these premises, we have the ideal vacuum to clean your home with cheap yet effective appliances, the Bosch GL 20 Vacuum is the right one, as it is within the range of vacuum cleaners with a bag, a powerful motor, compact and resistant design and its large bag. It offers a capacity for 3.5 liters, being very useful and advantageous to clean large spaces before requiring the emptying of the bag.

Vacuum cleaner Bosch GL 20:

Upright vacuum cleaner Bosch GL 20 is really very convenient to use as it is wireless. You can move around the house without thinking about whether the cord will reach. There is a charge level indicator so you can calculate the cleaning time. The total charging time claimed by the manufacturer is 16 hours, but usually the vacuum cleaner charges even faster.

It is enough to put the vacuum cleaner on charge for the night, so that by morning it will help with cleaning the entire apartment. This vacuum cleaner runs continuously for half an hour without recharging. The battery is eco-friendly.

In fact, the Bosch GL 20 vertical vacuum cleaner is two vacuum cleaners in one. Large electric and removable portable vacuum cleaner of small size. Electric-vacuum cleaner easily moves across the floor, does not require serious physical effort when working.

Model’s brushes:

The model’s brush is movable, on hinges, so you can not only clean the floors and furniture, but also under the furniture and in other difficult places. The vacuum cleaner easily copes with any surfaces: carpets, linoleum, parquet, vinyl. Special accessories for furniture and hard-to-reach places also help in cleaning. Change between brushes easy. They are also washed without any problems.

And in general, there are no complaints about the work. The vacuum cleaner cleans well both small and large garbage. Reviews on the Bosch GL 20  house cleaning say that it copes with cat and dog hair.

On the other hand, the Bosch GL 20 vacuum cleaner  is widely supported by the Bosch brand, which has decades of history at the service of households, facilitating life and providing solutions to the family in the cleaning of homes. Indeed, there are some everyday tasks such as cleaning that can not be avoided, but if they can be shortened and lightened, then why not do it hand in hand with the first appliance brand in Europe, which offers the best performance, synonymous of quality, technical perfection and absolute reliability.

Fortunately, you are reading the right article, because if you are looking for this type of cheap vacuum cleaners on the market with this recognition and historical trajectory, then we offer you all the advantages, features, the best price on the market and the features of the Bosch GL 20 Vacuum cleaner  to make it easier life, you can  clean more comfortable and as is customary, easy and fast.

Bosch GL 20 Vacuum Cleaner best investment:

The Bosch GL 20 Vacuum Cleaner will be your best investment, as it is equipped with the innovative HiSpin Motor with aerodynamic blades and a perfectly calibrated airflow for high dirt collection with low energy consumption.

Thanks to him, you will obtain a greater performance in cleaning in all floors, thanks to the electronic performance control, which is easily adapted by the rotary control, both in energy efficiency and in collecting dirt on hard floors its filters are hygienic and washable to ensure that the exhaust air is clean.

But in addition it will be accompanied with a device of great design, compact and super light, and in addition you will notice satisfied that this fabulous vacuum cleaner requires a lower frequency in the exchange of your bag at a lower cost, thanks to its 3.5 liters capacity of said bag.

The best cheap vacuum cleaner for house cleaning:

It is lightweight, comfortable to use and easy to store, similarly, it offers high maneuverability in its displacement system, its 8 meters radius of action make the aspiration very comfortable, due among other things, to its small size and low weight which simplify the storage. The quality in relation to the performance in the cleaning of hard floors measures the collection of dirt on hard floors with grooves and joints.

The higher the quality of the performance in cleaning hard floors, the better will be the results in floors with slots and openings such as tiles or parquet floors. It has an advanced filtering system, it is hygienic, composed of washable filters to achieve a high level of dirt retention.

The  Bosch GL 20 Vacuum Cleaner has an innovative bag with Power Protect technology with more efficient multiplayer design, prevents clogging and ensures high performance even when it is almost full; For all these reasons, changing the bag is less frequent and the maintenance cost of your vacuum cleaner is reduced.

Likewise, the comfortable switchable brush allows all soils to be vacuumed without the need to change accessories It is very effective on hard floors and also achieves a good result of aspiration on carpets. Check that this powerful vacuum cleaner not only serves to clean floors, but with the narrow nozzle will be easy to vacuum joints, cracks, window frames, etc., meanwhile, the nozzle for upholstery is specially designed for a smooth and quick cleaning of Upholstered furniture, curtains, among others.


  • Brand:  Bosch
  • Model:   BGL2UA200
  • Color:  Red
  • Weight:  4.2 Kg
  • Measures:  26 cm x 29.5 cm x 37 cm
  • Capacity:  3.5 liters
  • Volume:  4.5 liters
  • Power:  600 watts
  • Auto power off:  No
  • Energy efficiency:  A
  • Annual consumption:  28 kilowatt
  • Level of carpet cleaning: D
  • Level of cleaning in soil: A
  • Powder re-emission class:  B
  • Noise:  80 dB

Special features:

Bag vacuum cleaners work by means of suction and force, which can basically be regulated easily if you have the necessary devices. Depending on the type of dirt and use that is planned to be given to the vacuum cleaner.


  • It has a compact and very light design
  • The Power Protect bag offers high dust retention power without reducing the passage of air, achieving greater performance, even with the bag almost full
  • It has a power regulator that allows you to choose between different levels of intensity so you can suck harder dirt more difficult
  • It has a special indicator that lets you know when you have to empty the bag without having to check and get your hands dirty
  • It has a certificate of energy efficiency A, a sign that it is a product with low electricity consumption
  • The Bosch GL 20 Vacuum Cleaner  Has a large deposit capacity despite its compact design
  • It offers less frequency in the change of stock market
  • It comes with practical accessories ideal for joints and for upholstery
  • The bag is washable, which will reduce costs for this concept
  • It has a switchable brush to vacuum all types of floors without needing to change it
  • Provides excellent cleaning results, thanks to electronic performance control
  • Hygienic filter so that the exhaust air is clean
  • It has assessment, opinions, questions and answers
  • Free shipping is offered


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