Medicine has developed a lot in the recent years. From pace makers to limb transplants, we are witnessing the miracles our hospitals can do. In fact, some of the things we can do now with modern medicine would be considered miracles a century ago. Medical studies in India have always been popular. Ever since the establishment of the first ever medical school in India, increasing number of students have opted for medical studies. There are many top level medical schools in India. But, there aren’t nearly enough seats in government colleges to meet the demands of the growing aspirant population.

The situation is very tedious for Indian medical students. Many Indian medical schools have some of the least acceptance rates in the world. Every year, over 14 lakh students apply for Nation Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) to gain a seat in various government and private medical colleges across the country. But, there are only a few seats that government colleges can offer and many students compromise for a mediocre college.

Private medical colleges in India:

Private medical colleges in India cost a fortune for many Indian students as most belong to middle class families. Private colleges are generally the fallback option. As it is infeasible for a lot of students, a lot end up seeking other options or go for less desired fields in the area of medicine and health. The country doesn’t have enough resources to educate its ever growing youth and that is a hard truth. One good option is studying abroad.

Over the past decade, the number of Indian students seeking admission in foreign medical colleges has increased almost exponentially. The chief factor to thank for in many cases is the easy of gaining admission in foreign colleges. The MCI (Medical Council of India) has also helped the cause as it can recognized many courses offered by various colleges abroad in many countries ranging from the US and UK to Bangladesh. Generally, MCI approved colleges offer lower tuition fee. In many countries, the tuition fee is cheaper and it also gives the students much needed exposure.

Studying abroad also creates many opportunities and takes a student to the global level. The exposure to various people and techniques allows students to become better professionals. Of course, every country has its own disease patterns and the colleges teach accordingly and this proves to be a bit of work for Indian students who want to return to India to practice medicine. The MCI generally conducts a screening test for such individuals for obtaining a medical licence. But, with myriad of options out there, students can often get confused as to which destination would be the best.

Medical education:

One country that is often overlooked when it comes to medical education is Germany. The country has been known to create revolutionary scientists, including Albert Einstein and has some of the world’s oldest and most connected universities. German universities always had immense popularity among international student communities. They have some of the best faculties around the world and are home to some of the leading innovators in many areas of science and engineering. Many pioneers in medical research have graduated from German schools and the quality of education in the country is one of the best in the world. The fee for medical education is generally reasonable.

In Germany, leading universities teach in English, but German is still the native language and this might be the only problem for international students. Apart from that, the facilities and quality of education are world class. MBBS in Germany is very popular across the globe and many Indian students apply to various German medical colleges to obtain the degree. This is because German universities teach more practically and also have many research centres to encourage scientific reasoning among students. In fields such as biotechnology and microbiology, Germans have been very progressive and have led the research areas.

Although MBBS in Germany is very lucrative, it is not the only option. The cost of living in Germany is low compared to many other developed nations. There are still cheaper options like Bangladesh or China. But, the level of education German universities provide is very high and they have connection with many international hospitals that can help students secure a good career in medicine. Germany is a very good place for Indian students to pursue medicine.


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