Storing food sounds like a simple task but it can surely become a true hassle if you do not have adequate means for it. The best way to preserve drinks or beverages is in a refrigerator but you just cannot randomly purchase one and hope it will keep your items chilled at all times. Quality fridges are not difficult to find but there are some features that should not be overlooked when buying a commercial beverage refrigerator.

Here are those top 5 features every commercial fridge needs to have before you make a purchase.

Adequate shelves:

You have quite a few options to consider for shelves. The type of shelves you would prefer for your fridge depends upon the type of food items that will be placed inside of it. However, what matters the most is the ease of access shelves will provide to you. One option to consider is of a shelf that can be taken outwards for taking out food and then places inwards. You also have the choice of customizing the shelf into an adjustable one especially for placing water and juice bottles.

Door locks for safety:

Some features just cannot be ever ignored and those features are usually related to safety. Fridges bought from unknown brands tend to be defected and lack door lock or safety features. However, if you happen to have children or toddlers at home, you would need to think of their safety too. It is very easy to open a fridge’s door and take out anything out of it. It could be something hazardous so be sure to put a lock on the door.

Extension drawers:

Having one or two drawers inside a fridge is not enough when you are running a commercial food business or restaurant. Supposedly, you want a fridge for storing wine so the commercial wine fridges UK based you will look for should always contain an adequate number of drawers. The wine bottles have to be placed correctly and horizontally and the only way better storage is possible is through the proper installation of drawers and shelves.

Temperature control options:

Automatic control of temperature has now become possible for fridges. You do not have to change the temperature manually as some smart fridges are equipped with the feature to maintain temperature and the humidity levels automatically. You would no longer have to worry about the food items becoming stale since the fridge itself would take care of the freshness and temperature controls.

Quick chill settings:

Speed chilling has now become a normal feature for fridges for many reasons. At times, you would want to store hot food items into the fridge but it takes time to cool and freeze them at once. Usually, such items include hot pots or any other food item that is kept hot then chilled. Keeping food in room temperature raises different issues therefore; features of quick and speed chilling have been introduced to fasten the preservation process.


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