The kitchen towels are used every day three times a day for the preparation of three or two meals. The necessary attention is not paid to the manner of usage of kitchen towels which ultimately laden these with bacteria. In this short guide, the manner of usage and types of kitchen towels are discussed for the knowledge and prevention purpose. The preventive measure and small care will prevent the kitchen towels from being laden with bacteria.

1.Multiple Usage Of Single Kitchen Towel

It is observed that a single towel is used for multiple purposes in the kitchen. For example; the towel used for drying hand is used to clean the surface, the towel used for drying utensils is used to grab the hot container from the burner. The similar towel may be used to dry up the fruits or vegetables etcetera. This becomes the major reason for your kitchen towel being laden with bacteria.

Solution: It is suggested to use a separate towel for drying hand, cleaning out the exterior of the shelf, separate guest towels UK, a separate towel for drying utensils etcetera. This practice will reduce the S. aureus bacteria which otherwise found on the multiple used towels.

2. Damp Towels

The second big reason for the kitchen towel being laden with bacteria is the usage of a damp towel. For example; a towel is wetted to clean the exterior of the shelf, and then the same towel is used to grab the pot or hot utensils etcetera. The other worse use of a damp towel is like once you used it for any purpose than without drying it or washing it used for another purpose. Or placing the drying of the damp towel without properly washing it with liquid. Such practice generated the E.coli bacteria on the damp towels.

Solution: It recommended to wash out a damp towel with a liquid each day and dry it out before using it again in the kitchen. It will prevent the kitchen towel from being laden with bacteria.

3. Paper Towels

Paper towels are recommended because of their disposable option and short usage. But it is seen that some users do not overhaul about the manner of using paper towels either. For example; they used it for drying hands at the time of working and then used it for cleaning the corners of the dish from soup or gravy etcetera. Such practices generate bacteria on the papers towels and food also.

Solution: The paper towel once used for the drying hand should be disposed and not be used for cleaning utensils corners or surface. Use a new separate paper towel for cleaning or drying the utensils and dispose of it also without using it again on other pot. Similarly, immediately dispose of the paper towel after using it on the surface of the kitchen shelf.

These are the three types of towels used in the kitchen. The unchecked uses make the kitchen towels being laden with bacteria. The implementation of preventive measures will reduce the risk of generation of bacteria on towels.


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