Power is the most important factor in today’s life. It is for the fact that most of the devices that are used for the diversified purpose are dependent on electricity. With the increase in the use of electricity, there is an increasing demand for saving people with harmful accidents through electricity. Circuit breaks are the switched that operates automatically in the situation of electrical danger. A breaker simply trips and disconnects the circuit in order to prevent fire or short circuit.

If you are looking for a guide that can help you in setting your fuse or breaker at your own then this is the best place for you to learn. In this article, you will learn about the amazing and detailed steps that lead to a perfect setting of a fuse or breaker. This guide will save your new fuse box installation costs by having a perfect and maintained breaker top secure your house, office or anywhere.

1.Switching off everything

Electricity is a dangerous thing to handle and it is important for the person to be safe in the process. Before you start the setting process, make sure you turn off all the lights, fans, air conditioners, set a breake etc. Moreover, you have to unplug all the electronic devices that are connected in your servicing area.

2. Locate the switches (fuses and breakers)

In order to set a breaker, the first thing is to locate it. When you found the breaker or fuse you are looking for then start the process by opening a cover that is just for the protection of the inner circuit. All the work will be done with the circuit that is inside that covering.

3. Locating tripped fuses and breakers

Once you know the location of all the breakers, then the next step is to find out the breaker that has tripped. As breaker is a device that usually, have a horizontal composition. Most of the breakers are labeled with the areas that they cover. Therefore, tracing the right breakers becomes easy for you. One more important thing that easily identifies the tripped breaker is by watching its switching position. It is because the position of the tripped breaker will be either in the off position or it will be in between the off or on position.

4. Reset the tripped breaker

Smart Breakers are easy to reset. You just have to change the position of the tripped breaker from complete off to on. This simply clears out the blocking of electricity in the targeted area. However, in case of a bigger issue, the breaker again trips and the connection is lost again. In this case, you have to identify other problems that are causing the breaker to trip repeatedly.

5. Reset after troubleshooting

When you are done with finding the actual cause of tripping then fix it immediately and reset the breaker in order to have a safe supply of electricity.


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