Email marketing strategy affects the open ups rates of email and follows up programs. The successful creation of email marketing strategy can be done with little deliberation over the below-mentioned tactics. These email marketing strategies have an influence on the company’s progress.

1.Personalized Emails

Previously, the email strategy was adopted in which the use of words like “Hi”, “Dear” and “Respected” etcetera were used. The online research on email marketing and email service providers have shown that it gives a detached or formal feel to the readers and lessen the chances for open up of email. The personalized email strategy means use the name of recipients at the top rather than greeting terms. For example; write “Hello John” instead of only “Hello”.

2. Subject Line

The subject line of email affects the reader’s mind in various ways. The long subject line with more than a hundred characters gives the reader an ambiguous feel to read the whole sentence. The short and to the point subject line within fifty to sixty characters have a more readable perception to the recipients. Therefore, be careful about the creation of the short and engaging subject line.

3. Email Time

The emails are usually sent during the working hours or business hours of the day, maybe from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The email marketing strategist has suggested that the successful creation of email impact is from 8 p.m. to midnight time. The late night time is recommended by guide because most people use their laptops and mobile phones before sleeping. Therefore, this time is more effective.

4. Free Content Access

Sometimes, providing free access to the creative content via email gives a sense of having its place to the website and company. The selling of creative content and articles via email frustrate the recipients and they stop opening the email. Weekly or biweekly provision of creative content via email promotes the e-commerce site.

5. Mobile friendly Email

The larger number of users are on mobile. People do not use a laptop or personal computers all the time. But the android phones are in the hands or pockets of users all the time. They receive timely and on spot email alerts and open up quickly. Therefore, the successful creation of mobile-friendly email is necessary for the effective email marketing strategy.

6. Weekly Emails

The successful creation of email marketing strategy is the sending of weekly emails. On the weekends, on Saturdays and Sundays, people are usually leisure of their weekly routines. The emails received on Saturdays and Sundays have more open up ratios among the customers, visitors, and readers.

The successful creation of email marketing strategy is the killer guide which is beneficial for the senders and recipients value addition and promotion. The personalized emails to the recipients, the targeted timing for emails, the provision of free access to the creative informative content, mobile-friendly emails creations, and the targets emails of weekends.


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