Defragmentation or in simple language is a process that compiles bits and pieces of a particular file which are stored close together in your machine. And to make this process workable, disk derangement tools around the web are a one-stop solution. Whether you are about to open a heavy file or begin a new game, load up your PC with one these tools or software and experience its improved performance. These files will be read more efficiently now!

Why Shall I Use Disk Defragment Tool?

Lets’ also analyze some other benefits for disk defragmentation tools:

  • It optimizes your PC and drastically improves the speed of the machine.
  • It allows freeing up space to an extent.
  • Essential for disk drive maintenance.
  • Boot time becomes faster.
  • Cleans up unused disk space

1. Disk Speedup:

Loaded with a lot of features and defrag settings, this software can defrag even when the machine is working lazy. It also lets you schedule it or defrags with just one click. Interestingly, it doesn’t take a lot of space on your computer and arranges all the files consecutively.

In case you have a doubt that the process will remove some important information from the computer, pause it and get your data back. A Disk Doctor is also present within the tool which checks the files for errors and fixes them. Cool, isn’t it?

Download Here!

2. Defraggler:

One of the top disk derangement tools, Defraggler can run automatically at one end whereas you can decide its scheduling on another.  Moreover, you can also deselect some data from getting defragmented and it can also run directly from the internet explorer.

This tool can also free up the space of an internal or external hard-drive. It is also evident that Defraggler also checks drive for errors, empty recycle bin and move less-used files in another end. This helps in maintaining the disk space by disk speed up.

Download Here!

3. Smart Defrag:

The very basic and easy interface invites you all to begin the process. Notice the slow computer speeding up as Smart Defrag fixes this problem smoothly. Now you can copy files in less than half time, enjoy fast gaming speed and configure boot time.

What is more catchy about this tool is its ability to prohibit records from a defragging on demand, replace automatic Windows defragmenter and miss out those files that are above the file range.

Download Here!

4. O & O Defrag:

Marked with a very simple interface, it enables you to analyze disk space, cleans the junk, and completes the whole process in less than the time expected. Along with that, it checks the errors and fixes them as and when required.

After the defrag, the split files are put back in their consecutive steps once again, moreover, your hardware will also face fewer chances of wear & tear.

Download Here!

5. Puran Defrag:

With this tool in your computer, control the defragmentation manually or schedule them accordingly. In fact, you do not need to download the entire software but just the suite that supports your work. Once scheduling is made, your computer will be scanned automatically and works optimally without letting you worry.

It also has an additional bootup defrag process that considerably improves the computer speed and its performance overall. Small installer size, low priority running option and optional shut-down after the process are some other features that make it different from all.


From correcting the spaces to sorting the pieces of files is a game of right hand for these tools mentioned above. Let your system enjoy fast boot time, organized spaces and quick loading of files. Download any of the ones today, be it Disk Speedup (recommended) or O & O, enjoy your work and game along easy.


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