In recent times, especially after the 2019 year models of almost every brand are released, we could see a sudden surge in the popularity of Toyota Yaris, and like us, if you have observed the same, we guess you too will join us in our pursuit to find out the reason. Would you?

Our search started with exploring our nearest dealership, named Meridian Toyota dealer. There the first thing we were told about the 2019 Toyota Yaris sedan was that, the design was made by Mazda and hence you will find in it a good amount of similarity with the Miata-lite driving dynamics. And this wasenough reason to makethe 2019 Yaris a mini-sports sedan that is worth buying.

What Changed for 2019?

The 2019 Toyota Yaris that has been a pint-size sedan also had a hatchback version earlier. But for the 2019 release, Toyota has dropped down the five-door hatchbackand the sedan continues to offer a much better service at a lower price. Users around the world appreciate its zippy handling, and the huge amount of standard and active safety features, all caged in a frame that is easy to park even in tighter slots.

For 2019, the Toyota Yaris sedan that was previously known as the Scion iAlater known as Toyota Yaris iA is now being called as Toyota Yaris that can be availed in three trim level options: L, LE, and XLE.

Source of Power:

The 2019 year model of Toyota Yaris is powered by a 4-cylinder engine that can produce a 106 of horsepower. This sedan from Toyota however uses an engine that is supplied by Mazda which is smooth in its operations and can return a fuel efficiencyhigher than 35 mpg even in a trip that combines both city and highway drives. Toyota leaves up to the user to choose between a 6-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic one.

Driving Footprint:

The connection with Mazda that we get to enjoy in the 2019 Toyota Yaris shows it magicthroughits driving dynamics. Every time you drive a 2019 Yaris, it will surprise you pleasantly with its perfectly weighted steering that applies directly your inputs and stays firm waiting for your next command.

Weexplored the cabin of the 2019 Yarisat the Meridian Toyota. The sales staff there were glad to show usthat the new Yaris allots more space within, than we thought it would be, after looking at its exterior dimensions. The design and layout displayed the right combination of imaginative and engineering skill. Finally, we concluded that as a mid-size sedan, the 2019 Toyota Yaris gives adequate space for small families.

Why so Popular:

The 2019 Yaris packs in everything that the current generation families are looking for. Apart from the latest infotainment system on board, the 2019 Yaris can also boast of the latest safety gears that includes automatic emergency braking that comes as a standard equipment, which many of its more expensive rivals could only offer at an extra shot of money. All this makes the Toyota sedan become a compelling choice for the common mass users, and so we get to see it surrounding us so often.


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