Bring visibility into every aspect of your manufacturing business and solve the most pressing issues easier with SAP Business One software. The native features of this software provide all the functionality that growing manufacturing companies need to run their daily operations seamlessly.

Designed for small and mid-sized manufacturing companies, SAP Business One offers accurate and real-time information you need to manage your production lines seamlessly. Should you be needing an integrated solution for supply chain management, shipping logistics, advanced manufacturing capacities, it helps you to make end-to-end manufacturing operations simpler than ever you thought of.

The software helps manufacturing companies to mitigate their ongoing business challenges and drive profit. Let us examine a few key benefits that this software brings in place for your manufacturing facility.

Stay on-time and on-schedule:

The software provides unprecedented visibility and helps your manufacturing firm to stay on time & schedule.

Accurate quoting:

With this software, it becomes relatively easier to provide detailed and accurate quotes to manufacturing firms.

Respond in real-time:

Now, it is easier to improve pre-production time and respond to real-time queries in a timely fashion. The software helps you to be proactive and answer all the questions of business users with specific to manufacturing.

Ensure your project remain on schedule:

Now it is pretty easy to ensure your projects remain on schedule with an enterprise-ready ERP for your business. Whether you are in the manufacturing of plastics, plant construction, high-tech & electronics, automotive or any other business, you will need this ERP solution to stay alert about your projects.

Project & Production Management:

Stay on top of your projects with real-time reporting. Manage logistics cost accounting, controlling and production lines effortlessly with this ERP.

Material Resource Planning (MRP):

Keep a track of the order and stock-related information, mixed and other variant production and so much more

Supply chain management:

Keep a tab on the sales order and purchase order management. Know from which supplier you are taking inventory and manage the entire supply chain with SAP B1 software.

Quality Parameters:

Maintain a high-quality check and perform frequent quality checks from procurement and throughout the production to the final manufacturing process.

Cost Estimation:

Easily calculate profit margins for standardized products. Get a 360 view of your entire business and know precisely the areas of expense and profit.

View bills of materials:

Easily view order times, lead times, bill of materials with this ERP solution.

In an intensely competitive environment, it pays to bring in a smart and affordable ERP software that can scale with you as your business grows. SAP Business One helps mitigate all the ongoing concerns of manufacturing firms and helps in production, inventory, quality parameters, accounting, cost estimation, production management to name a few.

These industry-specific ERP will be really helpful to meet your exact business demands. So, whether you are in Chemicals, Food and Beverages, Packaging, Cosmetics industry, it pays to partner with one of the leading SAP Business One partners in India who can help you achieve your exact business goals faster.


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