Technology is getting advanced more and more and countless gadgets are being invented on a daily basis – making it quite easy to forget the life we had before them. Availability of a plethora of gadgets around us nowadays is just a norm – but sometimes the great work of our favorite gadgets is not completely appreciated. Here on this single page, we have compiled a list of top gadgets that have changed the way of our lives entirely or the way we interact with other people. 


Perhaps you are someone (maybe I am wrong!) who don’t know the time before smartphones – but it’s been only 20 years since Mobile Phones started getting popularity. 20 years back, handsets were used only for making calls and texting to the nearest and dearest who also had that mobile phone. Internet access, on the other hand, was not an option until later, and it was a very clumpy and costly process in some early mobile phones where Internet access was possible. But now, you can buy a smartphone that helps you visit your loved ones on Facebook, watch TV and so much more in real time. It’s, without a doubt, a huge change for so many lives. 

Bluetooth Headphones:

Enthusiasts of the exercise have always struggled a lot with their headphone wires or earpieces that fall as they start running. Bluetooth headphones are an exquisite design invention that ensures that you are not tangled and that your earpieces remain precisely where you want them to be.

Portable Batteries:

Obviously, a smartphone is nothing without any charge. However, work is still being done to get a smartphone battery design that takes longer than current ones, but fortunately, you can get a mobile battery pack that keeps you charged no matter where you are. You no longer have to be worried if you are a pleased owner of any battery pack when your phone’s battery suddenly dies while you are away from your house.


The Fitbit has been used widely used in recent years and is continuously worn on the wrist and tracks all types of helpful health information. You can get an excellent idea of your fitness level from steps and burned calories to sleeping habits and most important of all, it also lets you know when you have to be more active.


Maybe webcams are not an individual gadget itself – but the webcam’s birth definitely changed how we interact with friends or loved ones who are a little far away from us. There are only a few laptops that come with built-in webcams. However, highly expensive laptops of Dell, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, and others always come with a built-in webcam to assist you in video calls.

The Gameboy:

The Gameboy opened its way for today’s PS Vitas and 3DS. And after all, made a pleasant day out on school bus trips and rainy lunchtimes. It had never been seen like anything before and, although graphics were shady – but it was the first step in mobile gameplay revolution.

The iPod:

That was not less than a piece of shocking news for the world when Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) claimed that you can carry hundreds of thousands of songs right in the palm of your hands. Later, Apple reinvented the way we listen and access the music with an excellent digital music player – named iPod.

Digital Cameras:

Though there is a large number of photographers who still prefer film cameras – but Digital Cameras enabled almost everybody to afford the hobby of photography. We are now in the digital world where we capture movements with our smartphones and can share them with our loved ones and friends with immediate effects.

Satellite TVs:

Digital Satellite TV services have completely changed the way we experience TVs before. These services later resulted in the Netflix revolution and maybe most of the people don’t know what to do without on-demand TV services. 


It’s basically a little square device which can easily be fitted onto your keys as well as any other item you would not like to lose. In case you lose an item, you can then track it through the little Tile which contains a Bluetooth tracker. Just imagine a world for a second in which you never again lose your car keys. Amazing?

Amazon Echo:

Controlling everything is becoming quite difficult or unmanageable as smart-home technology is becoming more abundant. Amazon Echo which is available at paylessdeal to buy smartly at unmatched rates provides intelligent assistance to let you know about weather and play music from your Prime playlists with ease. Moreover, it can also be connected with other devices that have Bluetooth capability. You control it with your voice as well and you can tell it to play certain movies through Amazon Fire or even non-Amazon services, as long as it’s relatively close to it.

Emotion Trackers:

The market is loaded with hundreds of thousands of fitness trackers that will log not only your run but also your individual steps, bike rides and much more. But what about a tracker that can track your emotions and your stress? Well, there is a vast range of emotion trackers available on the stores such as Zenta and Feel that is specifically designed to track our level of stress, bad feeling as well as other aspects of your life. These wearables allow you to see how certain part of your lives influence your feelings and identify certain stuff to keep you happy and stress-free.

The Bottom Line:

There is no doubt that technology has entirely changed the way we live our lives. Thanks to the technology, we now have an opportunity to watch TV on the move, bring our heating system when we are out and order our favourite item from online shopping site in a jiffy even while working. The list, in short, is endless. It’s also not deniable that technology gives us comfort and a faster pace to the way things can be done. It’s quite interesting to wonder what type of gadgets we will see in the future and how will they change the way we are living right now.


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