A tracking system is the system that records the movement of any person or good from one place to another providing the location data in exact order so that it can be accessed further.

The goods are transferred with the help of containers. These containers are big boxes of steel those can withstand the shipment, storage and handling. There are many kinds of containers used in shipment depending upon the means of transportation.

Online Container tracking:

The box is also chosen so that the container remains safe in all conditions, sometimes they insulated so as to provide safety from water and fire, thus controlling the losses. Online Container tracking system in India enables a person to know the location of the container in the sea port or the sea. To track down the container, one needs to specify the container number as mentioned on the bill of landing or shipping line.

In general the container tracking system services work through remote satellite system that provide the image of the shipped container at any point of time .Initially the container is handed over to the company which assigns a tracking id to the container present in a particular consignment. The user can receive notification from time to time regarding the location of the container.

At LDB , the containers are grouped together and then the complete consignment is allotted a specific id through which it can be tracked. There are a lot of companies providing the services using various tracking services. At the company the shipping of the container is done by applying the cost efficiency, bigger container demands more value whereas smaller ones are transported at a lower cost. The containers can also be insured depending upon the requirement and cost of the items present.

Tracking system provides a security cover:

The tracking system provides a security cover to the container and its possession as we can check the location of the same across the globe at any point of time. The person just needs to enter the id number generated at the time of container’s registration and it shows on the map accurately where the container is at present.

The safety of shipping of containers must be ensured because they carry bulk of items which result into a huge amount of money. Also the losses can easily be detected. The companies try to improve the operations it carries out across the globe in various countries. 

The competition in this sector of shipping is also quite high which again is an advantage for the user because of the extra effort put up by the company in the transportation, whether the safety purpose, cost effectiveness or tracking down all becomes better in quality. Realising the value of consumer we at LDB have been capable of handling the 90% container shipment of India with quite a high success deliveries.


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