Of course, in a quiet room, in a relaxed atmosphere, the lights on the massage table are dimmed, the candles are lit in the background, and the essence of the lavender that pierces the warm air seems like the perfect way to end the day. However, the purpose of the massage is not only relaxing. It also brings many medical benefits. The use of touch as a therapeutic method stems from the habits and techniques of ancient history.

You should take Full Body Massage London services in order to take the best benefits of massage. Massage can even promote the release of toxins accumulated in the body, causing many health problems.

Improve Pain Caused by Spinal Cord Injury:

Twenty patients with spinal cord injury benefited from a massage twice a week. In another study, acupuncture treatment and massage spinal cord injury by reducing pain in 30 people. Massage relieves pain by activating the pain suppression system in the spinal cord and releasing natural analgesic hormones (endorphins and enkephalin).

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Help Cure Burning Scars:

Burns 146 massage patients to relieve pain, relieve itching and improve the appearance of scars. Massage can prevent the growth of scar tissue by breaking scar tissue and repairing the skin. Massage can also stimulate nerve fibres, relieve pain, relax muscles, and produce happiness.

Help in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia Pain Syndrome:

Fib oesophageal pain occurs due to pain in the trigger points in the muscles of the neck and shoulder. 67 patients were massaged to treat fibromyalgia pain syndrome by reducing the stimulation of acupuncture receptors at the trigger point. The massage also activates the brain region (frontal cortex) to relieve pain.

Relieve Birth and Reduce Fertility Shock:

In a systematic review, last month of 2497 vaginal massage was prepared by reducing the likelihood of trauma and pain, increasing flexibility and reducing muscle resistance and soft tissue. However, massage is only effective for women who have had a vaginal birth. Full Body Massage London services will assist you best regarding take the best massage in order to reduce fertility shock. 

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Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

In a preliminary study, the carpal tunnel syndrome massage relieves pain and improves the grip of 27 patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. In another study, massage improved the severity and function of pain in the hands and wrists of 21 patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Massage can improve blood flow, increase the discharge of lymph node wastes, and reduce muscle tension. It also reduces excess connective tissue, reduces the activity of the fibroblast point in the soft tissue, and reduces the persecution of the pathway from the cervical spine to the wrist.

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Improve the Quality of Life of Cancer Patients:

Therapeutic massage relieves the pain, fatigue, nausea and anxiety of 58 participants who received chemotherapy. In another study, massage therapy alleviated stress, anxiety and pain and provided comfort for 343 cancer patients. You should go towards the Meridian-Spa and get more information regarding massage. Massage increases dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and encephalin, which increases relaxation and relieving pain. In 31 women with breast cancer, manual lymphatic drainage reduced lymph nodes, pain and discomfort. Manual lymphatic drainage increases circulation and redirects waste to the lymph nodes.


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