Doing food business in an era where everyone is in a hurry and want quick results is quite tough. No doubt, the food business is one of the most popular and successful businesses around the globe. But to keep the things going in the right direction you need quick results. Meal preparation is the most time consuming and essential part of any restaurant.

It is true that customer needs quality but no one wants a delay. To reduce the time in the meal preparation you will need to change or replace a few things in your kitchen. This blog will let you know the proven methods through which you can not only save your time but will also able to produce quality & hygienic food.

Well-Organized Kitchen:

To reduce time in meal preparation your kitchen needs to be well-organized. Majority of the small restaurants don’t take measures to organize their kitchen. Organizing a kitchen is not only limited to the right equipment, well-design and high storage capacity. A well-organized kitchen is the one where you can find everything easily and quickly. The top tips to make the kitchen well-organized are as follows

  • Easy Access to Pantry: Pantry items plays an essential role in meal preparation. Store the pantry items near the stove or the cooking area and make sure that your chef can get easy access to the pantry items.
  • Clean & Clear Countertop: In peak hours it could be hard to get the right things from the scattered countertop. To prepare the meal more quickly you will need to keep your countertop clear and clean.
  • Organize Tools: Place stand or build open cabinets for the tools that are more likely to be used in cooking every food.

Invest in Right Equipment:

It is not always the chef who is responsible to prepare the delicious food in limited time. The restaurant staff and equipment plays an important role in meal preparation. To reduce the time in making delicious food you need to invest in the right equipment. Get the commercial dishwasher UK to save time and energy in washing dishes.

Prepare Popular Dishes Before Getting Order:

Every restaurateur knows their peak time, popular dishes and the choice of customers. Collect the data for the last month and know the popular dishes. Keep the dishes ingredients ready for at least 5 to 7 customers in peak time. This will help you to reduce the time in the meal preparation and produce good quality.


Preserving food items is a good habit you need to adopt. Preserved foods not only help to reduce the time in meal preparation but also taste more delicious. Remember to not down the dishes that can be made and preserved without getting spoil.

Routine Maintenance:

Routine maintenance is the key to save time in the meal preparation and get rid of an unexpected breakdown. In the peak hours, the breakdown of appliances like oven, refrigerator, dishwasher or freezers can increase the time and reduce the quality of the food. Your customer won’t wait for too long and will leave without giving you a business.


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