When the question of visiting Komodo Island comes up, most people assume that you want to get close to the Komodo dragon. It is true that you will see the menacing creature as long as you land on the island. However, there are other reasons people go to the beautiful Indonesian island.

Komodo Island is on the list of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. That alone is a compelling enough to want to get there. You want to know why of all the places you have been to and been amazed by, Komodo qualifies to be on this list.

When You Should Visit:

Sometimes people want to go somewhere where they can find some adventure. Vacationing is not all about parties and lying on beaches getting baked by the sun. However, if you also want the beach experience, there is no better place than Komodo Island and its pink beaches.

If you are thinking in terms of the weather, Komodo Island is mostly hot all year round. You can, therefore, land there any time of the year. However, the best time to visit is the April to November season because there are no rains then. Even warn rain can be cumbersome.

The island is usually crowded with visitors between July and August. Whichever time you choose, you need to be prepared for the heat and the dragons.

Vital Information:

Seeing as you will experience the dragons and indulge in some water activities, it is important to note the following:

  • The Komodo dragons’ mating season falls in July and August. The nesting season then begins in September. If you want to see the dragons, these are the best months to travel to the island.
  • Visibility is vital for scuba diving. The sea is at its most calm in November and January which makes these months the best for scuba diving.

You will, therefore, choose your season of travel depending on what you want to do on Komodo Island.

Things to Do on the Island:                    

Apart from the aforementioned activities, there are lots of activities that you can enjoy on the island. Some of them include the following:


One of the most popular activities on Komodo Island is diving. This is followed closely by snorkeling. The Island has some of the best diving spots in the world as well as the best and most diverse marine life anywhere. Nevertheless, most of the visitors who descend on the island mostly want to see the dragons.

Experienced as well as rookie divers have great fun diving into the depths of the blue ocean and seeing resplendent marine life. There are dolphins, seahorses as well as sharks and well as thousands of smaller fishes. You can spend a lot of time staring at these beautiful creatures.


If you are not into diving, snorkeling may be more to your liking. The same sites offer snorkeling opportunities. You can also visit Kanawa Island for spectacular snorkeling activities as well as scuba diving.

The Beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets:

These are not only set aside for the hopeless romantics. The sunsets and sunrises in Komodo are picture perfect. In fact, you may find artists camped in Komodo just waiting to capture the sunset in painting.


You may not find a lot of hiking opportunities on Komodo Island. The lizards might take offense to humans strolling around on their turf. However, the neighboring island such as Padar offers an excellent hiking experience.

You can hike up to the Padar Lookout which is the summit of the island. It takes approximately twenty to thirty minutes to get there. Remember to carry plenty of water.


There is a lot to do on Komodo Island.  You will not just around staring at the monstrous lizards and getting ready to take off if they so much as glance in your general direction. You need to prepare well for the visit so that you have everything you need and have a great time exploring.


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