The comfortable living room gives a feel like your second bedroom. The living room is a place in a house where one spends most of his time. It is preferable to incorporate things which provide a relaxed and contented feel to the family members and guests. Furniture and sofas with a frilled base valance give an elegant and stylish look: walls and windows design impact overall appearance. Curtains on windows and doors enhance the charm of the living room. Here is five ways are mentioned in making your living room the most comfortable place.

1- Comfortable Seating:

The living room is a place massively filled with sofa and cushion seating. Most of guests and family members and also family events are entertained in the living room. It is essential to put soft and comfortable sofas, which feel flexible while sitting on it. Place the various cushion on sofas. It is not mandatory to have all the seating of the same colours. A contrast between two sofa sets in one living room also gives a stylish and modern look. For example; five-seater sofa in white colour and two single sofa set of orange zest gives a comfortable yet elegant appearance to the room.

2- Use Ottomans:

The traditional method for an arrangement of the living room includes chairs and tables. But a new trend has replaced chairs with one-seater sofas and returned a table with ottomans. One seater sofa gives a relaxing feel to a person, while stools provide you space for pacing books and magazines over it. When you have a lot of guests in your house, then ottoman can be used as an extra sitting place to accommodate everyone in the living room.

3- Admire Mismatching:

It is not necessary to incorporate all materials of the same colours in the living room. Mismatch in colours also looks impressive if décor in a proper manner. For example; it is not vital to match the colour of the curtains with a sofa set. The curtain can be paired with the rug. Single sofa seater can be matched with the wall colour, and five-seater can be placed independently. A small vase of the plant can be placed at one corner which shows association with broader sofa set. In this way, the living room can give comfortable yet admiring mismatching appearance.

4- Customized Living Room:

Customization of the living room means personalization of space. Customization can be achieved with the incorporation of your painting, handmade décor items, or family tree with names and pictures. You can frame personal poetry writing and hang it on the wall of the living room. There are plenty of such ways which can be used to the customized and personalized living room.

5- Avoid Unnecessary Material:

The overloaded living room does not look elegant and graceful because you would hardly find space for moving from one corner to another. Calculated incorporation of materials and stuff gives a relaxing and welcoming feel to the living room. Therefore, avoid placing every usable material there.

These are five essential factors which assist in attaining a contented and soothing feel for living room. Calculated but the necessary sofa, chairs, tables, cushions, and ottomans are essential things to place in here.


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