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7 lighting technologies to brighten up your kitchen


Everyone knows that decorating your home can be quite a challenge. It is because the interior of a home is a reflection of a person’s identity, tastes, likes, and dislikes. Hence, people take immense pride in ensuring that their house looks beautiful. Out of the many issues that may arise while decorating your home, one of the biggest challenges is finding the right lighting. Many times, natural light within the home may reduce due to some obstruction. It occurs even more frequently within your cooking area. Thus, this article will highlight seven lighting technologies to brighten up the kitchen. 

1. Pendant lighting:

One of the most fun and trendy ideas, pendant lighting has grown to be immensely popular over the years. Not only do these ceiling fixtures come in beautiful shapes, colors, and sizes, but they also provide adequate illumination for all your kitchen activities. The utility of these lights comes from the same fact that makes them look super trendy- use multiples. Instead of a single light, multiple pendant lights hang over the same area, adding appeal.

2. Industrial-style:

The industrial style trend of lighting is one of the most preferred contemporary looks. Apart from being in trend the exposed light bulbs also provide the added advantage of increasing brightness over that area. 

3. Chandeliers:

Although some people think of chandeliers as being over the top, they are one of the best ways for lighting up space. Chandeliers now come in many modern fixtures, that are different from traditional chandeliers. It includes matte shades, industrial style wires, and led chandelier. Such elements make them more contemporary and help them stand out. 

4. Sculptural lighting:

Sculptural lighting has grown to be exceedingly popular because of the funky designs and shapes that they come in. These lights act like statement pieces and immediately draw attention. Furthermore, they act as focal points in a room and fix the viewer’s gaze. An added advantage is that you can customize these pieces to illuminate the space as you require. The sculpture can fit in as many, or as few, light bulbs as you need for maximum utilization of space.

5. LEDs:

A fast-moving new trend is the use of LED (light-emitting diode) lighting at home. Previously, these lights came as plain bulbs. These days new designs and trends have grown and LEDs are becoming increasingly popular forms of lighting. These lights are also extremely useful to use in spaces where you need task lighting. Hence, they are highly useful and provide the kitchen with a modern touch. 

6. Big bulbs:

Big bulbs are another style that has grown increasingly popular because of the utility of the lights and their ability to make a statement. The design of these lights is similar to industrial style lighting and consists of hanging exposed bulbs and wires over a particular area. Apart from this, you must experiment with height as well. While this is not a lighting technology, this is a key aspect of brightening up space. The height, exposure, and power of the bulbs being used plays an extremely vital role in not hurting the eyes and at the same time adequately brightening the space so you can cook peacefully. 

7. Smart Technology:

If you are someone who loves the latest technology, then your home could reflect this. Lighting technologies add an element of fun to your home atmosphere. You could choose to get motion-detecting lights in the kitchen or even use sound-based technologies, such as lights that turn on and off when you clap. While these lights may not look very eye-catching, the technology makes them very trendy. Hence, they are a good option for brightening up your kitchen with style. 


In conclusion, lighting technologies have come a long way and trends have changed over the years. Now, there are many easy ways by which you can brighten up your kitchen while still making a statement. Thus, we hope this article highlights some easy technologies to brighten the kitchen. 

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