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Best Volkswagen Cars to Check Out in 2019


Volkswagen is a name which is known globally for their automobiles. From sedans to SUVs and more, this company creates one of the best cars in the world. This article shines a little bit light on the best cars which people should know about so that buying one from an Ontario Volkswagen dealership becomes an easy process. Below will be three best models from Volkswagen’s different style of vehicle. The list will start with a sedan and then move onto the rest of the cars. 

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Jetta GLI 2019:

The first car in this list is the Jetta GLI 2019 version which is equipped with 2L turbocharged 228-hp engine similar to the GTI. This model starts at a price of $26,900 approx. It has a 10.3 inch bright digital instrument; however it is available only on top trim level. The best trim Autobahn’s price starts from $30,100. 

The sporty bits which are involved in this car includes firm chassis tuning, multi link independent rear suspension, front brakes are 13.4 inches, limited –slip differential along with a steering rack that is electrically assisted with variable ratio. 

This car offers 25 mpg when driven in city and 32 on highway; this gives a combined mpg of 28. It takes about 5.6 seconds to reach from 0-60 which has automatic dual clutch and about 5.8 seconds for the manual one. 

Volkswagen Atlas:

This is quite a popular car in the SUV department. It offers ample cargo and seating space. Also, it is user-friendly and offers remarkable handling. All this makes this car one of the best midsize SUV cars that is currently available in the market. 

This car has both front wheel as well as all wheel drive version. The engine produces a horsepower of 235 minimum. Also, there are three rows of spacious seats where 7 people can seat comfortably. In city it offers a mileage of 17-22 while on the highway it provides 23-26. Also, the 2019 models have standard driver assistance technology which was optional in previous models. Also, it comes with a complete infotainment system that makes a ride better for all. 

Golf GTI 2019:

This is one of the best cars from Volkswagen. It is a practical car with excellent performance. It comes equipped with four cylinder turbocharged engine that offers 228 horsepower. This model is available in four variant S, Rabbit Edition, SE, and Autobahn. Each of these models cost $28,500, $29,800, $32,700, and $36,900 respectively. In highway this car offers 31 mpg and in city 25. It comes with either manual six speed transmission or automatic seven speed one. Also, you can talk to a VW dealer Ontario for details about this car as well as the upcoming 2020 model. 

The interior is well crafted and numerous options are available like opting for automatic dual zone climate control, power seats, and ample space for everyone. Also, there is touchscreen display that aids in controlling infotainment system easily. 

If you are looking to buy a Volkswagen car, then ensure going through their entire list and you will surely like one. However, this list consists of these three due to the fact that these are the most preferred cars in 2019. 

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