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Do you take a sound sleep? Take the test today?


A sound sleep rejuvenates you with fresh energy and liveliness. To be healthy, both physically and mentally, a human being should have 7-9 hours of shut-eye.

What is Sleep Apnea?

 When you don’t get peaceful sleep due to sleep disorders, you should consult a sleep doctor to diagnose the real problem, may be due to sleep apnea. This is a medical condition where the patient is deprived of oxygen for almost 10 seconds. Usually, when a person sleeps, his throat and chest muscles loosen. A patient, who has sleep Apnea, his throat muscles contracts to restrict a free passage of air.

Symptoms of Sleep Apne:

Other important symptoms of sleep apnea are snoring loudly. Even though people feel so shy to snore, you have to understand that it might be indicating a Sleep Apnea problem. Usually, a person snores when there is irregular breathing. In normal cases, the patients become wary of their snoring habit when his spouse or children complain of such a problem. You should never try to control snoring, failing which would lead to serious health problems. 

Let us learn more about the sleep clinic and sleep test.

What is a sleep clinic?

A Sleep clinic is a clinic that helps to diagnose Sleep Apnea problems in patients. Many sleep doctors conduct sleep tests in their clinic or a separate lab for that purpose. Certain other doctors will give you the equipment to conduct a sleep test. In such a case, you can do it when you go to bed.

What is a home sleep test?

Sleep technologists prescribe a home test to find out whether you have obstructive sleep Apnea. It is sad to note that around 25 million people in the US have this problem. The most important advantage of home sleep tests is they are cheaper compared to lab sleep tests. This will help patients who don’t have an insurance policy or the insurance company deduct a sizable amount from the plan due to a lab test. If you want to do the test on your aged parent, who find it difficult to travel or you can’t spare some time due to a tight office schedule.

When a patient is going to have a sleep test, he has to avoid consuming tea and coffee. But can carry out all the other day to day activities. The patient should avoid falling asleep during the daytime, which will defeat the purpose of the test. The sleep doctor may advise you not to take any medication the day you are going to take a test.

At night while going to sleep the patients can use the sleep test equipment, which they collected from the sleep clinic. Follow the instruction manual carefully to use it wisely. To learn more about the testing protocol, talk to your doctor. The doctor will guide you appropriately.

The sensors used for a test is tied to your body to monitor obstructive sleep Apnea. The sensor has a button to be on while the patient sleeps. You should maintain a sleep diary too. A home sleep kit has a lot of wires attached to your nose, chin, and a strap to keep it right on your chest. There will be a wire that is connected to your index fingers too. This whole kit is attached to a computer that monitors your sleep pattern, your sleep position, and the level of oxygen while breathing. It will check your heart beats to rule out any physical anomaly. In addition to this, the kit will have a small tube connected to the patient’s nostrils to check the flow of air in the patient.

What are the benefits of a home sleep test?

  • The patients can conduct the test in the comfort of their bed. This will reduce the problem of anxiety some patients may have due to a changed place of sleep.
  • Aged patients who can’t even move an inch can do the test at their home.
  • Cheaper compared to a clinic or lab test. Most of the insurance policies cover the test. The patients without a policy can also afford to pay for the test as it is cheaper compared to other tests.
  • When you can’t make it to the clinic because you are always busy.

Final say:

In short, uninterrupted sleep is the key to a healthy life. When you toss and turn in your bed and get up several times in the night, consult a sleep therapist. A Sleep doctor will conduct a sleep test to find out any abnormality such as sleep Apnea in you. To learn more about sleep disorders, search on the internet to know how a distorted sleep will affect your life. Pay a visit to your nearest sleep clinic to get rid of sleep disorders that disrupt your peaceful sleep.

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