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Avail The Best Hip Replacement Under Top Surgeons of India at an Affordable Cost


India is one of the best treatment centres across the globe for not only Hip Replacement Surgery but any of the orthopaedic procedure. The credit goes to the availability of the advanced treatment procedures, top hospitals with the latest equipment, and most importantly, the orthopaedic surgeons. 

Here, you can find some of the top-notch surgeons with the experience and exposure of several years. With years of experience, they can deal with any of the complicated procedures. One of the Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in India, Dr Ashok Rajagopal possesses in-hospital expertise of 45 years. Also, you would be glad to know, not only him but other top doctors like Dr IPS Oberoi have not seen any failure of the surgery in the past two decades. 

You can say, the country has a 100% success record in delivering the orthopaedic procedures. Even if there are minor side-effects after the surgery, the top surgeons find the possible cure within the recovery period.

Benefits of Hip Replacement in India and The Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in India:

The patient before their treatment in India, have to undergo the complete evaluation process. The effective evaluation process ensures that the patient will not suffer any complications after the surgery. Apart from that, the doctors make use of minimally invasive surgery, wherever and whenever possible. The use of minimally invasive procedures ensures that the patient will not suffer any side-effects after the surgery.

However, they perform traditional method of hip replacement too, if there is no other way out. After the surgery, to speed up the recovery, and avoid the complications the doctors along with the medical team serves the patient with post-surgical care. The recovery care minimises the risk of severe hitches that may strike the patient in case of ignorance. 

Also, the medical team in India provide one to one counselling to the patients along with the simulation education. The simulation education helps a patient to be aware of the dos and don’ts after the discharge from the hospital. The more the patient is aware of the consequence of his actions, he is less likely to do the activities that may affect the results of the treatment.

The best part is with all the advantages, Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India is very nominal. The starting cost of the total hip replacement is USD 8,000 and it may go to an extreme limit of USD 12,000. This cost is eight to ten times lower than the price of treatment in any other country.

Final Words:

Apart from the patient visiting India for the cure of their hip disorders, most of the patients travel to the country for the revision of the treatment. In short, after facing the failure of hip replacement in other country, they visit India for fixing the collapse of the procedure. It is because everyone is well aware of the efficiency of medical treatment in India. So, why do you want to waste your time and money? It is better to plan your treatment at a place where you have complete assurance. 

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