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Ayurveda remedies to deal with dark circles


How many of you are aware the miracles that Ayurveda can do on your body?  The methods followed are a new form of science in the modern world, considering the natural approach it adopts so as to cope up with various health ailments. For example badam Rogan oil for dark circles is an instant remedy and the results that it provides is nothing short of amazing. The dark shadows under the eyes might emerge due to lack of sleep as it is not easy to good rid of. Ayurveda is of the opinion that the dark circles of the body are known to emerge due to fire elements. Hence it requires hydration in order to cope up with the heat.

The main causes of dark circles tend to be hereditary, physical and sitting in front of the computer for hours. Even a poor diet or lack of sleep could pose issues. The dark circles could occur for both men and women spread across all age groups. To cope up with dark circles there are various remedial measure you can adopt

Turmeric powder:

For a considerable period of time Ayurveda is used as a healing procedure. It is rated for its healing properties and addresses various issues like blemishes or redness. Being a great anti- oxidant it combats the issue of inflammation. Even wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and consumption is important in order to detoxify the body. In this manner the dark circles are got rid of. This remedy has to be applied 3 times in a week for instant results.


Considered   to be a bleaching agent and a reliable awesome moisturizer. It is known to reduce pigmentation. An Ayurveda treatment like badam Rogan for dark circles is to be tried regularly on how effective it can be. Not only it is going to reduce the dark circles but it prevents the situation from emerging again. You have to repeat this remedy twice a day before bedtime and with the passage of time see for yourself the miracles.


It is blessed with natural bleaching properties and is incorporated with vitamin C. Since citric acid is present in it, being used as a natural remedy to deal with dark circles so as to cope up with issues of acne or black spots. If you have dark circles this is an effective ingredient that provides the best of solutions. In order to derive maximum benefits from this remedy you have to apply it on a daily basis.

Mint leaves:

The mint leaves are known to address various skin issues. For its cooling and healing properties it is renowned. Once you apply mint leaves on your dark circles in no point of time they are going to fade away. This is a form of tradition that has been followed since generations and many believe that it is the still popular remedy available till date.

To sum it up these are some of the popular home remedies to deal with dark circles.

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