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5 Reasons Why You Should Shop Online With a Credit Card


The number of credit cards issued in the Indian market grew from 37.4 million to 48.9 million between May 2018 and May 2019 as per a recent report published by The Economic Times. Subsequently, the amount transacted using credit cards grew to Rs.6 lakh crore in the financial year 2019 up from Rs.4.6 crore reflecting a 30% rise in usage of credit cards. 

The surge in preference of credit card as a payment method shows how credit cards have become more beneficial than before for online shopping. 

Reasons to use a credit card for online shopping:

1- Reward points:

Credit cards extend reward points on purchases and transactions made with the card. Online and offline purchases are eligible to earn reward points as per the amount spent through the card. The reward points can be utilised by the credit card user in various ways like purchasing gift vouchers, availing discounts, purchasing movie tickets, etc. Therefore, customers are financially rewarded for the online purchases they make using their credit card.

2- Cashbacks:

Online purchase of products or making down payment of high-value products online using credit cards often comes along with added benefits like cashback offers. Users can avail cashbacks when they make payment with their credit card for specific purchases. The total amount is to be paid at the time of purchase and the cashbacks are credited to the card account.

3- Discounts & offers:

Credit cards offer customers with multiple discounts and similar other offers on shopping online. They might avail a product at discounted rates by making payments through a particular card. However, the offers extended can vary from product to product depending upon the offers of the credit card issuer. Most card issuers have specific tie-ups and the most beneficial offers are available at such partnered stores or outlets.

4- Online fraud protection with credit cards:

Unlike debit cards, credit cards are highly secure and aid customers against online fraud and unauthorised transactions. Reputed financial institutions who lend a credit card to borrowers ensure that they can’t be used to make payments at sites that don’t meet the minimum security criteria. Also, customers can report a fraudulent transaction made using their credit card and don’t have to pay the bill for that transaction just by filing an official complaint of the fraud. Phishing, skimming etc. are a few types of credit card fraud that customers can avoid by availing a secure credit card that offers online fraud protection.

5- Easy to redress disputes:

Customers might have to face disputes while shopping online like purchasing from a fraudulent website, receiving a wrong product, getting a defective product that needs to be replaced, etc. While selecting other forms of payment may leave customers to handle the situation on their own, credit cards allow customers to file complaints of such transactions. Therefore, credit card lenders help customers redress their disputes so that they can have a convenient shopping experience.

In addition, with credit cards like RBL credit cards, customers can convert their big online purchases into hassle-free EMIs and pay conveniently. With Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank credit card, customers can earn reward points, avail cashbacks, and acquire many such facilities while shopping online.

Subsequently, customers should be more aware of the financial and security benefits accompanying the card so that they can maximise the benefits. Above mentioned are a few reasons that make a SuperCard the smart way to shop online.

Besides, customers can have a smarter and convenient financial approach with credit cards because of the numerous benefits coupled with it. They can also utilise the credit card for online shopping and make bill payments in full to have a greater impact on their credit score.

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