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Why should NCERT Solutions be used for Class 12 Maths?


Board Exams are very challenging. And if it is Math paper, there is no doubt that it will turn into a nightmare. Maths is comparatively more challenging due to the complexity of the subject. Unlike other subjects, the answers or solutions in Maths cannot be memorized. The concepts in maths need to be understood to be able to answer in exams. Maths need the application of the concept rather than just memorizing it. And the capability to apply the concepts properly comes only with thorough preparation. In this article, we shall discuss various ways to tackle maths.  

How to study Mathematics?

Maths tend to build a sense of fear in students. This is simply due to the lack of knowledge on how to tackle the subject. The best way to get over Maths phobia is to take a positive step towards it rather than feel a sense of panic. Maths is a vast and interesting subject with numerous types of subtopics and various means to excite your mind. Maths is a brilliant mixture of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, etc. Find out your strength. This will help you understand which branch of mathematics you enjoy the most. Try to figure out the easiest way of learning and understanding the concepts in this branch of mathematics.

How to remember the formulas and be prepared?

Stop yourself from thinking that mathematics is difficult. Accepting that it is an easy subject means the battle is half-won. Ensure you remind yourself that logic is the key. Practice and mug up the formulas but not the problems. Understand the formulas while practising and know where to implement them. Start enjoying the various methods of solving one particular question. You can make flashcards to remember the formulas. Ensure all your doubts are always cleared.

If you do not find anyone to solve your doubts immediately, then make a note of it immediately. Your first priority should be to get it cleared as soon as you reach your school or the tutorials. Moving ahead with further topics, with doubts still being stuck in your head, will only make understanding of new topics more difficult and confusing.  

How to score well in Math?

Maths is a subject that needs a systematic study process. You can first start solving easy problems. Once you master the basics, then you can move on to medium difficulty level problems. By this time, you would be proficient with the application. Finally, you can pick up on complex problems that will need a deep understanding of the concepts and logical understanding of the problems. After you finish studying, start practising all the questions in the exercise. This will help you to figure out the topics you are lagging in. Practice the weaker area multiple times to improve your confidence. Have short notes ready on topics which you know you need repeated revisions. Keep your first focus on topics that have high marks weightage. 

1. Use of easy language to explain concepts in-depth:

All NCERT books are written by subject matter experts. They ensure that authentic information and relevant explanations are provided to the students. These books are designed to serve each and every student. It is made simple enough for all students to understand it irrespective of their understanding levels. Every topic is ensured to be explained in detail making it a very reliable study source for the students. Therefore, by studying the NCERT books meticulously a student can clear all his doubts without much pressure.

2. As per the CBSE curriculum:

This is the main reason why the NCERT solutions are most recommended for the CBSE board exams. These books strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum. They form the base for not only the board exams but for competitive exams like JEE as well. As it is written as per the CBSE syllabus, it covers each and every detail of the syllabus. 

3. A clear picture of all fundamental concepts:

NCERT books are known to abide by the CBSE syllabus. What makes them more favourable, is their coverage of all the basic and fundamental topics in an easy language. This helps the students to understand the concepts crystal clear. Once the concepts are clear, there is no need to memorize the whole stuff for the exam. During the exams, students can make a list of the formulas and revise them multiple times for better retention. Doing this will help students to easily remember them and apply them accordingly. 

4. Offers a number of exercises and problems to practice:

Studying and practising are two completely different ways of learning. Studying is when you are reading for the first time. But without repeated practising, the topics that you would have studied will not be retained in your mind. In NCERT books, related exercises with various difficulty levels are provided at the end of each chapter. The questions varies from short or long answer type to quizzes or fill-in-the-blanks questions. To score more marks in the board papers, it is very important for the students to practice a variety of questions. Once you finish answering these questions, you can always cross-check your answers with Vedantu NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths to check your preparation levels. Apart from the exercise questions, it’s advisable to practice previous years paper, sample papers and mock tests. This will help you to acquire a knack of handling twisted questions that might be asked in the Board Exam.

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