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Tips on Surviving Your First Year at University


University comes with a culture shock. Suddenly, you are responsible for your schedule, finances, social life, school timetable, and career development, among other aspects of college life. Friends, academic work, and personal interests are also competing for your attention. You also have an urge to enjoy the newly gained freedom.

A lot of students lose track in first year and never recover fully. It helps to learn from those who successfully completed the year. Knowledge of how to survive the year will help you to take advantage of the opportunities that come with university years as well as avoid regrets in future. My paper done recommends a few tips how to maximize on opportunities in your first year.

Make Quality Friends:

Friends are a crucial part of university life. They make your social life enjoy since you will create memories and share experiences. Friends also help you when you experience difficulties with your academic work. However, friends can lead you down the path of doom. They may lead you to waste time in unimportant activities and also miss opportunities available to college students.

Choose your friends wisely to avoid wasting time in unproductive activities. Choose friends who share similar goals and hobbies. They challenge you to improve on your quality of life and take up opportunities when they arise. They also keep you away from such vices as drugs, crime, and wasteful endeavors. In the university, friends will either make or break you. Remember that you are also likely to continue with the same friends after graduation.

Attend Orientation Sessions:

Orientation sessions help you to understand how college works. Since you are new, there are a lot of opportunities that you do not know exist. Attend orientation sessions to get a better feel of what being in the university will mean.

Orientation sessions also help you to realize the privileges you will be enjoying in the university. You learn about your boundaries and how far you can push them. Such information is necessary to help you avoid conflicts or getting into problems with authorities in the university.

Maintain Focus On Your Academic Work:

The main purpose of getting to the university remains the pursuit of academic goals. Keep this goal in mind from the first day. Only engage in activities that will not compromise your academic performance. In case there is a conflict between academic work and social or personal engagements, privilege your schoolwork at the expense of any other work.

Create a timetable and allocate enough time for your academic work. Any other commitment should be scheduled after completion of your academic work. Remember that if you lose track of your academic work, you might never recover. This explains why you must focus diligently on your academic work.

Participate In Events Around Campus:

University campuses are usually alive with activities. Join clubs, sporting teams, and social groups that will enhance your college experience. You meet people who you might share common goals. It is also an opportunity to begin the life of a professional artist, sports person, philanthropist, and such other professions whose foundation is set in the university.

Take Advantage Of Your Student Status:

Students enjoy numerous privileges that are not available to ordinary citizens. They include reduced prices for movies, transport tickets, entry to events, and internship opportunities at work. Student privileges help you to save money while in campus. They also give you the chance to enter some venues that you would not have entered before. Take advantage of such privileges and create the best university experience.

Your actions during the first year will determine how your entire college years turn out. Maintain focus on academic work while still enjoying your social life. The secret is to use the first year in the university to launch your personal and professional life.

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