Consistency throughout your branding is essential if you want create a professional and strong identity to your customers and target audience. From your website, through to your packaging and printed mailing bags, it’s important that your colour scheme and theme is maintained. In turn, this will encourage your customers to trust your brand, which is vital when creating a reliable and loyal customer base. If your customers are familiar with your brand, this will help you to increase and build authority, developing your brand awareness and generating a wider reach. So, how can you maintain brand consistency and achieve this? 

Utilising Packaging and Printed Bags:

Printed bags are an affordable way to advertise your brand and grow your customer base. The design of both your printed bags and packaging need to be in line with the theme of your site for a seamless marketing campaign. This will help your brand and business to appear professional and trusted, as customers can see that you’re a recognizable and specialist brand. 

In order to achieve this consistency, you need to use the same colour scheme and font across your logo, email signatures and your website, as well as your printed bags and packaging. This will showcase to your customers and competitors that you have an identity. 


Maintaining consistency on your website can be easily implemented. Use the same layouts on main tier pages, keep the font the same throughout and tone in the content. Your website is the first impression the customer will get about your business, so you need to ensure it is stylish and portrays your message clearly. 

From the same colour scheme to consistency in the vertical and horizontal spacing between elements, call to action buttons and links being in the same colour and text, there are a number of things to tick of your checklist when running and designing a website. 

Social Media:

Whether you use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, it’s important to maintain brand consistency across all social platforms. You can do this by maintaining the same tone of voice that you use in your on page content throughout your social posts. Organised accounts on social media have similar colour themes and maintain a message. Social media is a great way to communicate with your customers and get the image of your brand across to your customers. A lot of people today will visit a social account of a business before their website, so it’s important that everything is kept up to date. 

Maintaining brand consistency across your social platforms, website, packaging and printed bags will help your business to build reputation. In turn, this will help you to see an increase in ROI as customers will trust and recognition your brand. Brand consistency will portray your brand in a reliable and positive light for your customers; they won’t use your services or buy products from you if your website is a mess or your printed bags aren’t associated with your branding. Hopefully these tips will help you to maintain brand consistency and you can implement these into your marketing strategy and campaign.